God dammit, they didn’t work!

I woke up late at night, yet again. I’ve been unable to sleep for the last few months and it has been driving me insane. Those rare moments when I do sleep seem to only last for a few minutes. I find myself unable to concentrate at work. I’ve become very bitter around other people and quick to get angry. Every night I would lay in bed and just stare up at the ceiling. My wife has been trying to be supportive, but even she’s growing fed up with me. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried eating right, using a different schedule and practicing some mediation, but nothing has worked. I’ll always wake up a few minutes into the night. Even these sleeping pills I just took have failed me. I should have listened to my wife and just get rid of these things.

As I try to get up my head hits something hard. Why is there a wooden board lying above me and why am I wearing a suit? A wave of horror washes over me as my eyes adjust to the darkness. I’m not in my bed with my wife. I begin pounding on the wooden door above me, screaming for someone to hear me! I can barely move given with how little space I had, but I bang my fists until they start bleeding. Tears run down my eyes and I keep screaming in my prison until I lose my voice. I lie awake in the casket, accept my fate and wait for the worms to find me.

God dammit, the sleeping pills worked.

Written by Zarathustra86
Content is available under CC BY-SA