God how I love Land’s End. Ever since I was a young boy, my parents and I would take the trip from our hometown further northward down to this popular beach location in the summer. I loved absolutely everything about it. I love the sound of the waves slashing at the base of the huge cliffs. The brilliant scenery and scorching hot sun piercing through your eyeballs. Not to mention… the name itself, ‘Land’s End.’ This name made my spine quiver with excitement as I admired its graciousness. I smiled to myself as I anticipated the plunge of the open seas – like how many others had from years before. Upon my arrival, I jumped with joy like I had years prior to this moment. In the distance, the faint sound of sirens. I’m not going to let that get in the way of my memories – not now, not ever.

I rolled down the steep hills under the wavy pastel blue sky above me. I watched as the clouds made my way into formations conjuring bunnies, wizards and skulls with crossbones! I had anticipated this moment for a somewhat long time.

The night grew closer with each breath of the air growing cool and breezy from the distant sea. I walked ever closer to the edge of the cliffs, admiring the jagged rocks aside me, ends pointed and rigid like the edge of a knife…

I noticed the old silver sign I had carved my name into years before with my parents. I grinned at how the sign had been placed next to a backdrop of blank horizon, like a frame without its picture. The name had faded, and left the earth, leaving behind no traces of its existence in the first place. I remembered how this day is for my benefit, not to be a burden on me after all that’s occurred in my lifetime. And so, I continued across the edge of the Cliffside – without a care in the world.

Signpost at Land's End

The frothing waves of the expanse were edging closer to the inside of the golden beaches – it occurred to me the tide was coming inward on to land as the sound of the crashing waves, twinned with the distant sirens grew louder. Tonight would be my last chance to capture a sight of such mesmerizing beauty. I watched as the sun came down, the waves crashed high on the jagged rocks and the sirens were coming closer and closer to where I now stood. Almost to the point where the overwhelming levels of sound hammered at my eardrums. Beside me, I neatly place this note, my trusty crimson rich knife and my old jumpsuit from my past life.

'It’s time for a better life,' it occurs to me as I descend down into the crashing waves below.

Nothing but pure silence overcame the quickly ascending noise levels of the cliff side...

…God how I love Land’s End.