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Queen of spades by chronoperates-d4m8iqt

The Legend

There is a legend about an evil spirit called "Dama Pika" which means "Lady Spades" (Queen of Spades).  There are many reports ​​about people passing out in a coma or even dying after they summon her. The origin of this legend is unclear. However, the most popular one is that Lady Spades was a beautiful woman who lived in a small village.

The villagers thought that she was a witch who seduced men. She was badly beaten and sent away to die in the woods. Before she died she cursed them. Those who mention her name in front of a mirror with a "Queen of Spades" in hand would go insane and have terrible nightmares about their death.

The Ritual

  1. To summon Lady Spades, you must have three men and two women.
  2. They must enter a dark room with a mirror, candles around it, and a deck of cards.
  3. The group need to choose one who will say the words "Lady Spades, appear" while holding"Queen of Spades" in front of the mirror. The chosen one has to have dark hair and dark eyes. The others need to have a "Joker" card in hand but should not look at it.
  1. After the chosen one says the words what is supposed to happen is a ghostly image of a disfigured woman would appear in the mirror. Her bone chilling smile should strike fear in the chosen one.

After that, it is known that the people who summoned her would have nightmares, some may become comatose, and in rare cases, it would even result in a tragedy, taking their lives. It is highly recommended by psychics and mediums that no one should ever try this ritual.

Story of an Eight Year Old Girl

Eight years old, a girl fell in a coma after summoning Lady Spades. Names and locations remain anonymous by parents' wish. The girl has been in a coma for three months and the doctors cannot find the reason for her condition. Her parents said that they have contacted and searched help from all kinds of doctors and specialists. According to all doctors, the little girl is in perfect health and there is no explanation for her coma.

"We are waiting for her to wake up any moment from 3 months now. No one knows what is going on and I started losing hope," says her mother. The parents even started contacting psychics and mediums. According to them, their daughter is locked in her body under dark supernatural forces.

"The girl has annoyed the Devil," the psychic explained.

The parents started asking their daughter's friends to find out if anything unusual happened. One of the little girl's friends said that their daughter fell in a coma when the two of them were together. The little girl's friend was so frightened she called the neighbours screaming repeatedly, "It was Lady Spades, Lady Spades did it!"

After that she did not speak for a week. When she spoke again, she said that the two of them decided to call Lady Spades.

"We locked ourselves in the bathroom, we placed the "Queen of Spades" card pointing at the mirror and we started calling her," said the girl.

After that, the symbol of a Spade appeared in the mirror. At that moment the mirror broke and the two girls started screaming.

"I was trying to get out, but the door just wouldn't open. When the door opened, I got out and looked back and she was on the floor." From then on, the little girl's condition remains the same. The doctors says that there is no reason she should still be comatose. Every test showed no problem.

"I don't believe in this stuff but there is nothing left.  I even started searching stories about Lady Spades," her father said.

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