Many people have a part to play in life:
some try to save another's soul,
some gain power,
others have yet to know of theirs.
I, on the other hand, am not a part of life.

The name is Krohe.
Like the bird, I take flight into the darkness.
Like the scientist of legend, I disturb nature for my own enjoyment.
I have no role in life, but death.
Many don't believe the person they meet,
or that I'm the cause of their strife.

These eyes have not seen light for so long.
For the sun to touch them would be worse than torture.
This mask I wear, it is more than a novelty.
It marks a farewell from my old life,
and the beginning of a new one.
No-one knew it would be such fun!

What is it I do?
Oh, that's simple enough:
while children, man or woman sleep soundly,
their breath is lost by the dark that suffocates.
They too have new lives which have now begun!

I used to show emotion in the results,
loved ones mourning over the victim's body.
Over time,
sadness abandoned me and changed to pleasure.
Call me evil,
because I am actually twisted.

One day it will be over.
This game I thoroughly play will end,
giving another player a chance to play.
I fear not the end as there is little to fear,
but yet I am scared of what awaits.
'Til then I will bury life with darkness so dangerous!