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Creepy Door by macgyvering my way

Sleep. That's all I wanted. Drift off into a world full of impossibilities. A place where all the troubles of the world drift away. Not tonight, though. Tonight, an unwanted visitor knocks on my front door. He knocks repeatedly with the same sounds:

Dun, dun, duh, dun, dun... dun, dun

Over and over again. Why is it here? What does it want? Does it know I want to sleep? It must be one of those local hooligans. I wish I could just take my shotgun and shoot their brains out. Slowly wash their blood off my body.

Dun ,dun, duh ,dun, dun... dun, dun

Damnit! So close! God, why must I be condemned to this? If I want him to leave, I guess I'm gonna have to go tell him. Why is it so persistent to be let into my home? I have nothing worth taking. The objects in my home have sentimental value, or none at all.

Dun, dun, duh, dun, dun... dun, dun

Damnit, it doesn't matter! I just want to sleep,and dream peaceful dreams. I get out of my bed, and open my bedroom door.

The thing that was knocking... was right outside my bedroom door.

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