Stretching out in the sunlight streaming through the window, the cat purred softly. He had slept most of the day and he felt great. He sat up and looked around, eager to be scratched.

He jumped gracefully from the couch and padded softly into the next room, which happened to be the kitchen.
Autumn by stealingdecember-d3gc3ki
He looked around the disheveled room. Looking for one of his humans. He sniffed the air delicately. He smelled only a sharp metallic smell coming from one of the bedrooms. Disappointed that he couldn't find the big human that was usually fixing food at this time of day, he followed the sharp unfamiliar smell.

When he got to the next room he was delighted to find his humans. He walked over to them meowing softly. When they seemed to ignore him he indignantly jump on one of them. He sat on the smallest one, looking into its eyes.

Something was wrong. Usually the young one was always ready to pet him. But today it just laid there, not moving or breathing. A strange sticky liquid pooling around him. He leaned over and licked the small one's nose. It didn't react with its usual giggles.

The cat hopped off it and strolled over to the bigger humans. They were just as unresponsive with the same liquid pouring from strange openings on their bodies.

The cat sat there puzzled at his humans' strange behaviors.

It was then he heard more humans enter the house. Startled by the sudden noises from the unfamiliar humans in his house, he crawled under the bed and watched. Big male humans in blue clothing entered the room.

"Oh God..." he heard one of them say.

"It looks like the work of Emery," said another.

Pleased that there were more humans to pet him, the cat crawled out from under the bed, meowing at the strangers.

"Look," said the first blue human.

"A cat. It must have been theirs."

"Strange," said the other, looking up from the dead humans. "Usually Emery kills every living thing in the house. But why did he leave this cat alone and unharmed?"

The cat now pleased with the new found attention purred under the hand of the first blue man. He was now content. He left the metallic smelling room and went back to the sunlit room to continue his nap.