He looked fondly at his wife, who was nestled in the crook of his arm. Her long, wavy black hair spilled over his chest, her face pale and peaceful. He smiled, caressing the cheeks, the mouth, the hair. The blankets were pulled up to her chin.

He smiled. She was so beautiful. He would trade the moon and stars just for her. She was everything he ever had. He would throw away all his dreams, his job, his other family, just for her.

He felt his jaws unhinging, stretching to an impossible size, and remembered gulping her whole head and clamping his sharp teeth onto her throat. Blood squirted inside his mouth, and he swallowed her greedily.

When he woke up, he brushed aside the lump next to him and made his way to the bathroom. He washed the bloodstains off his face and pulled out a single strand of wavy black hair caught on his tongue, as that could choke him.

Written by RisingFusion
Content is available under CC BY-SA