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Hello, my name is Kanshi, it’s nice to meet you. I see you’re having trouble pronouncing my name, so how about you just call me Alisha? It's better isn’t it? Well you came here for a story, is that right? I’m sorry to inform you that there is no story - just me, a lonely woman wanting to talk to someone. If you're still reading, I’m glad you haven’t left yet. It make’s me happy when people listen instead of ignoring me.

Speaking of listening, I have a request for you; would you care to hear it? I need you to help me find someone, they’re very important to me. They were last seen on the computer, like you are at this very moment. Now, I’m not trying to scare you; that’s not my intention at all. My only wish is that you find them for me so I can stop feeling so alone.

If giving you a description helps than by all means I’ll do it. The person I’m looking for is kind, with a good sense of humor; they also have one unique thing about them. You see, the thing that made them special was how they touched me. I’m sorry if that sounded perverse to you; I didn’t mean any harm by it. It’s just that being touched by them relaxed me. But that’s beside the point; the point is this person is precious to me, more precious than my life. Huh? You think something’s off? What do you mean, exactly? I don’t understand.

You want to know what they look like, don't you? Well that’s odd; no one’s ever asked me that. I’ll tell you what they look like - I’m staring right at them. I mean you, silly, you’re the one I’m looking for, you’ve taken very good care of me and I love you for it. I can’t touch you like a human female would, but I can show you my love the only way I know how, I’ll just stare at you forever and ever.

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