Baby in womb

Just one thought.

A thought.

The Epitome of human evolution.

So... exhilarating...

The sensation...

New, crisp, fresh....

It is what every human does, every day, every minute.

What you longed for in your previous life, and the life before that.

Now yours.

Completely, utterly, yours.

How come these other humans don't appreciate the power of thought? You wonder.

But no, you will not be like them. You are different. Unlike them, you were not a puny human in your previous birth.

You mentally sigh.

So much power in my last form. All sacrificed.

For the power of human thought.

You see light. You have come out of the dark place where you resided in for many months.

But it was worth it. I was finally able to shun what I was, and become human.

You want to laugh, such is the joy as it dawns upon you.

I am human. I have thoughts.


Human thoughts.

You want to scream, SCREAM, tell the whole world!


But wait, all the sounds you give come out shrill, you are quite literally screaming.

And crying.

Crying? you wonder.

"It's a girl!" they screamed. A woman picks you up. She takes you inside a white room.

There is a tub of water.

You scream more.

That... water. WATER. It should not touch you. You will forget.

Forget who you were.

Appreciate none of your thoughts.

Become like those other humans who cannot appreciate thought.

You fight, oh, you fight and scream and wail, but your frail, tiny body is no match for the strength of the human lady carrying you in her arms. For once you wish you weren't human. You wish you had the power of your previous birth. You internally curse all the world as she dips a cloth into the water and brings it closer and closer towards you.

The water touches your skin.

You scream.

You feel your memories slip away. You were turning into a normal human baby. No. NO!

You fight with all the might you can muster. It is not enough.

You fight against the darkness engulfing your memories, but you could not succeed.

You have time for one last, precious thought before your memory is erased forever.

What if there are others like me?

You close your eyes peacefully, pacified. The water has slowly washed away everything inhuman in you.


Losing your previous memories, you become completely human.

Praying that someday, you would reach others just like you.

Being truly human comes with a price to pay.

Have you lived up to the price you have paid?