You're probably a little bit on edge. You've been reading and listening to a lot of Creepypasta today. Your mind is racing, and you think that you can't fall asleep. Don't fret. I'll help to put your mind at ease.

All you have to do is just push all of those stories to the back of your mind. Have faith in the fact that those are just stories and nothing more.

If you see something outside your window, just ignore it. It's just a trick of the eye is all. If you're woken up by footsteps late at night, just ignore it. Your mother is probably just making her way to the bathroom. If you hear a door slowly opening with an unnerving squeak, just ignore it.

Your house is old, and it's probably just settling. If you wake up to an odd smell, just ignore it. There are many things in your room that have an odd odor to them.

Now, if you wake up to a rather uneasy feeling. Something warm on the back of your neck. Your heart, beating faster than it ever has before.

Your body tensed so tightly you think that you'll collapse in on yourself if you don't relax. You could ignore it. But I don't think you'll be able to when you feel the cold metal of my knife pressed up against your back.

Written by CreepMissPasta
Content is available under CC BY-SA