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The Matrix had ended and the credits were rolling.

I stretched and yawned, deciding that I had better get to bed.

You see, I had moved into a brand new apartment in downtown New York. And what good would it do to stay up late and watch a movie? Exactly.

Since I had not yet seen all of my apartment's features, I was a bit new to them. I did not know where the lightswitches were, even though I had been given a tour by a very friendly realitor. I finally found the lightswitches, which were located at the end of the hall. I flicked them off... but this is when things start to get weird.

As I looked across the dark hallway, the silhouette of a figure had appeared at the ending near the Umbrella stand. I was very confused, so I flicked them back on. The figure had disappeared.

I flicked them off again, but now I was facing a naked girl covered in scars and lacerations, so I jumped back and flicked the lightswitch back on.

"What the ****?" I yelled out loud.

So I got into bed, but I left the door ajar and the hallway lights on... and just to be safe I had dug a nightlight out of an old moving box and placed it on my counter. Then, I nestled down and closed my eyes. 

Then I heard footsteps.

I stared at the door... 

Lights go out. Door shuts by itself. Night light flickers on and off.

Electrical sparks were now showering me, so I took shelter under the covers and reached the socket, but then I got a nasty shock and jolted my hand back. I gripped the covers tigher.... I closed my eyes... This is all just a nightmare, I told myself.


Then suddenly everything stopped. I slowly inclined my head from under the covers..... everything was just as they were... the lights on.. the door opened... it was just another nightmare. I smiled weakly, but then I turned to the nightlight to see a little girl will no eyes turn it off.

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