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The other day I was just browsing through some Creepypastas when one caught my eye, it was called:

"Just another curse", I don't know what attracted me to it, but before I knew, I was already reading it.

The story was pretty simple, but it sent chills down my spine, even though the writer seemed like he was just trying to make the story longer than it was, describing every single emotion that he felt, until that point, I was interested, not scared, but interested as how the story would go...

I was very calm, until the text mentioned a "curse" that was associated with the very text. I was a little scared with that sentence, but I just shook off that feeling, thinking how dumb I was to believe in something like that. The text then began to describe the curse, theoretically the person that was reading it began to see shadows in the corner of their eyes, then hear things coming out of his computer. Now I was really scared.

I was seeing things in the corners of my eyes every couple minutes, and they were getting more frequent as I read the text, but I kept on reading it...

If a person read that text until the very end, they simply wouldn't wake up the next day, it said that a demon would come in your sleep, reach for your soul, rip it out of your body, and leave your soul roaming through the world, cursed to feel the pain of a thousand needles, covering every single inch of your soul, and that he or she would join the demon and become one of its servants to catch the souls of the other ones that read the text. I just couldn't believe I read that, but as I went to close the window in fear, something just kept me in there, like I couldn't press the mouse button, so I decided to keep reading.

When the text ended, I was scared to hell and went to the only place I considered safe: my bed. As it was late and I was feeling sleepy, I obviously went to sleep. But around three o'clock, I was awakened by someone, something scratching the floor of my bedroom. I thought it was my cat, since she was always doing that, so I went back to sleep, but just as I closed my eyes, I felt a breeze in front of my face and opened my eyes, startled, just to see a black devilish-like hand reaching into my very skull and ripping my soul out of my body and a voice whispering to me, "Nighty night, sleepy tight."

All I can remember then, is awakening and seeing my soulless body laying in my bed, with a scared face. Soon my parents came in and found my body, the police didn't take long to come and take the body, they couldn't determine the cause of death.

And that was the story of how I became one of The Cursed, forever roaming the world, just waiting for my next victim to read my story.

Nighty night,

Sleepy tight...

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