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"Get in here Ma, yer gonna wanna see this!" Jeb squealed, as he continued pullin' the chain hoist. He'd captured himself a real fine specimen this time. A big muscly fella he was. Way too big to handle if he hadn't been shot up with enough tranq' to take down a baby elephant.

"What's all the fuss ya crazy jackasses? I'm tryin' to cook ya some dinner," snapped Ma, wiping her hands on her filthy apron.

"Found this fella a few miles down the road. He was hitchin' a ride, so I darted 'im, and gave 'im the ride of 'is life."

Jeb and his brother had struggled to get the bulky man inta the bed of the ol' Ford, nearly threw their backs out, but it was well worth it to see the look on dear ol' Ma's face. And bein' that it were Ma's favorite holiday, he knew he needed t' do somethin' special.

"Shoowee, he sure is a purdy thing. Got muscles on top of muscles this one does. Ya did good boys."

Jeb knew Ma'd be proud; she loved these big fellas. He'd do anything to make Ma happy, even if it were a bit risky dealin' with a big bastard like this. He'd dealt with many a biggun in his time, but this here was by far the biggest. As he continued lookin' him over, he figured he had to be at least six foot five, and probably two fifty, maybe more. He'd have to make sure he was chained up tight, and keep a small dose'a tranq' around just 'ncase he got too squirrelly.

"Well whatcha waitin' fer? Get 'is clothes off so I can gets a good look at 'im."

Jeb started cuttin' his clothes off, while Dale just sat in the corner sippin' his cold Coors. Jeb didn't even bother gettin' pissed off, he'd just come to accept the fact that Dale was's worthless as tits on a boar hog. He shucked the biggun's clothes off, down to his drawers, and slung 'em onto the old rocker beside the coffee table. He could see his ma was gettin' all hot and bothered, so he decided to go 'head and yank off his briefs too.

"Lord almighty! This boy's built like a brick shit-house he is," Ma squealed, as she appraised her new toy.

"I jus' knew you'd like 'im Ma. I told Dale you'd be b'side yerself when you rest yer eyes on this here piece'a meat."

"Well you thought right my boy. I love you boys so much. Yer the best boys a mother could ask fer."

"Awe Ma, ain't no need 'n gettin' all mushy on us. When's supper gonna be done?"

"It's almost there boys. You jus' go on and make sure this here Romeo is tied up good n' tight, then get yerselves in the kitchen. Mama made ya somethin' extry special tonight. And don't ferget t' warsh up. I know yer big boys now, but we ain't savages."

Jeb's mouth watered at the thought'a what Ma'd cooked up. He could smell the thick air of a home-cooked meal only his ma could make. He hoped it was some of that world famous coon stew she cooks up on special 'casions. Jeb made sure the cuffs were all on tight and threw on some extry rope for good measure.

"Can't you do anythin' 'cept sit on yer fat ass Dale? You could at least help make sure this big sumbitch don't get loose."

Dale just stared as he sat on the dingy old couch and threw back the rest of his beer, crushin' it in his hand before throwin' it across the room.

"I don't know whatcha all 'r so worried 'bout; he's got so much dope in 'im that he ain't gonna wake up fer hours."

"This is why you ain't in charge Dale. A big bastard like this, ya never know what t' expect."

Dale gave a tug on the chains and rope, "Good nuff fer me, let's eat."

Jeb shook his head as he double-checked the cuffs and knots. "We sure are gonna have some fun tonight," he whispered to himself.

Jeb and Dale sat down at the rickety kitchen table as Ma hefted the boiling pot from the wood-burnin' stove. The combernation of the wood smoke and Ma's delicious grub was almost too much fer Jeb to bare. That antsy feelin' reminded him of his firs' time with a purdy young thing in the back of his ol' Ford. 'Course it wasn't quite as much fun fer her, since she'd done went up to that big huntin' shack in the sky, but it was still a good memory.

"I know this is usually jus' fer special 'casions, but I jus' knew you boys'd bring me a real treat tonight, so I made yer favorite coon stew."

"Whoowee Ma, I thought I smelled coon stew, but I wudn't sure. There aint nothin' in the world like yer coon stew Ma."

"Ok ok, say yer grace and dig in boys; we got lots of fun t' have tonight."

Jeb and Dale bowed their heads and mumbled a few words before racing to the ladle. After about three bowls of stew they were ready for the night's festivities to begin. As they walked back inta the living room, the biggun' was holdin' his head up, lookin' confused.

"See, I told ya Dale, he's already awake. These big superman types can handle one helluva dose'a tranq'. Just imagine if we'd only give 'im the normal dose, he'da broke our necks 'fore we got 'im home."

Dale just shook his head and sat back on his couch with a fresh beer. Jeb knew he'd have to be the one t' get this party started. He knew Ma liked to watch for a while before she got involved.

"Ma, come in here and take a seat, the show's about to start."

"Alright alright, don't get yer panties in a wad, I'm here."

Ma sat down in her old, dusty recliner, only a few feet away from where the muscled man was hoisted. As Jeb looked at his ma sittin' there, he couldn't help but think back to all the times he sat on her lap in that exact spot, watchin' Pa teach 'em what life was all about.

"Where should I start Ma? You want me t' take it slow, or get straight to the nasty stuff?"

"Bein' that this big bugger's already comin' to, I reckon ya better get right to it 'fore ya have to shoot 'im with another dose'a dope."

Jeb waded through the beer can littered floor and stopped—his face only inches away from the man's chest.

"It's yer night Ma."

He leaned inta the massive man, and buried his mouth inta his chest. After gnawing around for about ten or fifteen seconds, he pulled his mouth off, the hulk's nipple dangling from his teeth.

"Woowweee boy, you sure know how to get yer ma's juices flowin'. Don't stop now, I think I see a little fire in 'is eyes."

As Jeb chewed on the nipple, he looked up inta the big alpha's eyes; he was lookin' right at him. Jeb didn't like this feelin' one bit, so he spit the chunk of meat out and punched the man right in his chiseled jaw.

"How'd ya like that biggun? Ya wanna stare me down again?"

The man gave a slight smirk. For some reason, this sent a chill down Jeb's spine. He knew there was nothin' this man could do in his position, but he couldn't help to be a little unnerved.

"Oh ya gonna smile at me biggun? Ya think this is funny?"

As these words escaped Jeb's lips, the hulk began to snicker. Jeb hefted his size eleven boot and kicked the giant man right in the groin.

"Still funny ya big dumb bastard?"

The man's chuckle turned into a full-on belly laugh as the chains began to creak. Jeb couldn't believe his eyes as the links snapped, and the man started pulling the cuffs from his wrists. Jeb turned and jumped for the dart pistol, but Ma already had it. She shot one in the monster's neck, then reloaded, and shot another in his cheek.

"Let's see whatcha can do now biggun. You gotta nuff dope in ya now t' kill a hippo. I bet ya's gettin' pretty sleepy right about now arnchya?"

The man just pulled the darts out of his neck and cheek, then continued pulling the cuffs off his ankles.

"Dale, get the shotgun, this guy's a real freak!"

As Dale started out of the room, a chain wrapped around his neck, jerking him back violently. The sound of cans crushing rang throughout the room, as his full weight came slamming down. The man just stood there, smiling, stark naked. Jeb took a swing at him, and instantly regretted it. The man threw his arm up to catch the blow, shattering the bones in Jeb's forearm. Jeb fell to the floor screaming like a child.

"What the hell are you mister? You some kinda steroid freak or somethin'?"

The cluttered little shack began to shake, as the doors and windows slowly turned into solid walls. As Jeb and Dale started realizing the grievous mistake they'd made, they crawled across the filthy shag carpet to their ma, then sat paralyzed in fear as the man spoke.

"Why are you so surprised my friends? You spoke to me just moments ago."

Jeb had no idea what this crazy fella was talking about. There hadn't been a word exchanged between them at all, not even when they picked him up. They'd just slowed down and shot him with the dope, no conversation whatsoever.

"Confused? It's understandable. Let's see if I can clear this up for you, since I know you're a bit slow."

Jeb and Dale just hugged onto their Ma's legs like a couple of frightened children. Ma patted their heads, trying to assure them everything would be ok.

"I like to come down here once a year, on the holiday you deviants tend to run wild on. I don't know what it is about this "Halloween" that makes you animals all get so active. I like to come down on this "holiday", this "holiday" that celebrates everything I'm against, and set a few of you straight. Still confused? As I said, you talked to me just moments ago. I'll give you a hint: your head was bowed when you spoke to me."

The family just looked at each other in disbelief. Jeb noticed that Dale'd pissed himself and started to laugh before he snapped back to the horrifying reality of his situation.

"Yes, that's right. Not quite what you were expecting I'm sure. As I said, I come down once a year, to release some of my anger onto the vile creatures that cause it. I get so sick of watching you terrorize the innocent, so it brings me pleasure to watch as the tables are turned."

Jeb and Dale gripped their Ma's legs with a death-grip as the chains began to slither across the floor. They kicked and screamed as the chains wrapped around their ankles and started dragging them from their ma's grasp.

"No no, not my boys! They're all I got, please!"

Ma's pleas quickly turned to cries of terror as the chains wrapped around her ankles as well, viciously yanking her to the floor. All three of the family members were now hoisted in the middle of the room where the man had been hanging only moments earlier.

"But we were jus' havin' fun!" Jeb screamed.

"What is pleasure for one, is often pain to another. Now you'll witness what it's like. It won't be completely the same, mind you, since you deserve what's coming to you, but you get the gist."

As they swayed slowly, they began to see figures appearing behind the man. Some of them looked strangely familiar. There were dozens of them, all wearing the same maniacal grin. Jeb felt warm fluid running down his stomach, towards his face. He looked over at Ma and Dale, and for the first time in his life, he began to weep.

"We'll change, we'll change! Please don't let 'em have us! I'll become a preacher, anything! Please, please! Don't hurt my Ma!"

The man knelt down in front of Jeb, looking into his blood-shot eyes.

"After tonight, they will be at peace, and so will I. Goodnight lost souls, and remember, this is only the beginning."

"But yer supposta be merciful! It says so in the good book!"

The man let a slight smile creep across his face, as he stood to face the whole family.

"Well, that's not my only book, and none of those books are terribly accurate, but yes, I am sometimes merciful to those who deserve it. I am not, though, when it comes to you, the merciless. You have sealed your fate with years of torment. Now you will suffer the same fate, for eternity."

Jeb screamed until his voice broke, as he watched what appeared to be a young girl of about twelve sink her teeth into the soft flesh of his Ma's snow-white thigh. He almost puked up his Ma's coon stew when he remembered that she was one of the first girls he'd ever had "fun" with. This wasn't nearly the fun night he'd been hoping for. This wasn't fun at all.

The man crouched back down, inches from Jeb's now piss-soaked face.

"What's wrong Jeb? They're jus' havin' fun."

Written by Jay Ten
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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