The being is among us. The being blends in as one of us, and you would never know the difference if you just walked past him or her. It is said there is more than one, it is also said that it can take the shape of either a female or male human of any age, race, or social standing. From a glance, they look no different than any other human. In fact, you may even unknowingly be friends with such a being.

The being is not malicious. No, it holds no harmful intentions at all. But (let’s say ‘she’ for simplicity’s sake) she can see all you’ve done, and all you ever will do. She knows when you were born; she knows when you will die. She knows everything about you from a single glance. When both eyes are open or covered, her ability is nullified. She must see the world one eye at a time.

Do you ever see a strange person wearing a patch over one eye that seems to have a bit of a staring problem? Of course, after noticed, they will look away, but the one uncovered eye they had been staring at you with seemed to gaze into your very soul. Ask yourself this… Which eye was exposed? Was it the left? The being knows all you have ever done.

Was it the right? She knows what your future holds. Pray that she does not shed a tear, or you will be condemned to an afterlife of eternal suffering. If she smiles, then your life will be delightful and your afterlife shall be peaceful and pleasant. If she smirks? Then understand one thing. Cover your right eye. Look to the person next to you. You shall see their future.

Written by Shinigami.Eyes 
Content is available under CC BY-SA