Scary room

Ever wake up late at night? Perhaps you are somebody who doesn't go to bed until past midnight? Have you ever heard anything that sounds like a landscaping device, such as a lawnmower or a weed-whacker? Well, I am going to inform you on my experiences when I hear these noises late at night. You may think you have a psychopathic neighbor who has a mow-lawn-late-at-night fetish, in turn, you are wrong. You definitely shouldn't worry about a psychopathic neighbor. You should worry about the others.

The spirits, that watch you. The ones that watch you enjoy your pleasurable slumber, while they scream at you to WAKE UP! But you don't listen. You let them endure their agony, their torture. You let them stay in such a torturous state. What did they ever do to deserve what they get?

Lately we have been noticing this become more well known, here is a soon to be victim's opinion:

“I have often heard a hum in the night — ONLY in the night, over the past few years. I have been unable to determine the source of the hum. It is a VERY ANNOYING hum that creates a bad headache, because it never seems to stop. When it is happening, I have trouble concentrating and can’t go to sleep... The only excuse I’ve been able to come up with is maybe the vent on top of the house is turning and making the hum. I hear it more in the winter than the summer, but I think that’s because the winter is more silent at night and sound travels better, since there are no leaves on the trees to muffle the sound.” – Renee La Viness

The Whole Article

Now, before you believe anything that those imbeciles are saying in that article, let me tell you why that is just a whole coverup story to something that is really part of a much bigger picture. These spirits are left in agony even after their horrific death, they are upset because whoever they ask for help ignores them and does not know that the "humming noise" is really a plead.

The more they ask, they more they get eager to break apart from their agony and the longer they wait. For the longer they wait, the they gradually get upset upset. When they get upset, they begin to want vengeance and when they want vengeance there is no turning back. The mistake has already been made. The pain never ends and once they realize that, they will attack you. They will mutilate you, they will leave you to rot just like in the fashion that they were. You ignore our suffering, we await the dusk of this day. We will feed our hunger for the suffering of others. Our pain will end, but yours will only begin.