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After spending the whole weekend in the heat of northern Louisiana, Larry got mosquito-bitten from head to toe. He was scratching himself the whole drive home.

When he got back to his house that night, he unpacked, rubbed some AfterBite around his neck (the itch was the worst there) and tried to go sleep. The AfterBite seemed to only make it worse and he was awake the rest of the night scratching himself until the bites started bleeding.

The next morning came, and Larry tried to tiredly get himself ready for work, even after not being able to get any sleep. He had scratched himself so much that his neck had multiple little spots of blood where his bites were.

On his walk to work, the itch got worse. He screamed in irritation as he scratched his neck. People walking past him constantly asked if he was okay. He could barely hear them over his scratching.

The itch got so irritating, and right before Larry got to work, he scratched so hard that he ripped his carotid artery in half. Blood spilled onto the sidewalk as he collapsed. A woman passing by dialed 9-1-1 as he lay there, pressing the side of his neck.

Larry died just before the ambulance got there. He was laying there on the sidewalk, surrounded by a crowd of people.

One of the paramedics slapped the side of his neck as Larry was lifted onto the stretcher. "Ow! Damn mosquitoes!"