Have you ever gotten punished for lying? 

Like, your parents grounding you from your phone.

Well, you must know, that lying can get you in more trouble than you know...

Let's say, you leave the door to your house wide open at night. 

Your father comes downstairs and sees the door open. 

He instantly knows it was you. 

You were downstairs last. 

He calls your name. 

"Did you leave the door open last night?" He calls up to you.

You shout back, "No, it wasn't me!" 

You didn't want to get in trouble, so your mind tells you to lie.

He calls you down a little later for breakfast.

You're busy playing a Nintendo game or something, and you shout, "BE RIGHT THERE!" 

A few hours pass and you don't notice. 

The clock alarm goes off to tell you that its noon. 

You wondered why your parents hadn't called you down again, in fact, you hadn't heard anything since your dad yelled at you.

"Hmm...Maybe I should check on them..." You mumble quietly, having a strange, eerie feeling deep down in your gut.

You walk downstairs and the living room is a mess. 

You swear you thought a shadow passed by in the mirror. 

Now, you're scared. 

Really scared.

You walk into the living room, looking around.

No one was there...


You sense a presence behind you. 

An odd presence.

Not the normal warm presence of a family member.

But the dark presence of a killer.

You turn slowly.


The thing you see isn't a scary killer, 

It's your dad.

Hanging from the ceiling fan.

You gasp and fall backwards.

"D-Daddy!" You scream.

Footsteps suddenly start coming closer.

You freeze.

A voice whispers in you're ear.

"Lying is bad."