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The time was 4:50 am as I got up to get a drink of water. At that time, I was hit with dizziness from being half asleep. As I made my way down stairs, the pitch blackness of the night filled my thoughts, but I was focused on getting a drink. I proceeded with getting a glass, when, I felt a large poke in my arm as if someone put a needle in me, I screamed at the top of my lungs and dropped the glass, shattering on impact. When I looked at my arm, there, a large mosquito-like insect stood there on its legs staring at me. I then carefully tried to swat it, but it got away, out of sight. I looked at my arm again to see a large green bump right there. "What just bit me?" I asked myself. To avoid being paranoid, I told myself that, "It's just a mosquito." I then headed back to bed to get some sleep, which I would never get since my mind was plagued with chilling nightmares that just depicted random dark shapes morphing on a red backdrop with very distorted sounds varying from high pitched ringing to low pitched laughing. I woke up the next morning sick to my stomach. God I hated stomach aches, I checked my arm to see that the green bump was turning into a green boil as the day went on.

The next day my stomach was not getting better, but around noon I felt my stomach cramp tightly as if someone was pushing their hand on it. I then called up my friend to take me to the doctor as quickly as possible, when we got there, we waited for the doctor for about fifteen minutes. He finally got to me as I made my way to the doctor's office, he told me that I probably have food poisoning, then he saw the boil on my arm, he asked me what that thing is. I told him that a mosquito bit me, and left it on my arm, as he examined it I saw this growing look of fear on his face, he then screamed in absolute terror. Two other doctors ran in to see what the problem was, they asked the doctor what had happened, he spoke in what appeared to be Spanish, one doctor scared by what was happening ran to get another doctor to see what was going on, a female doctor told us to exit the building until they figured out what was happening. I did not know what to even think about what just happened. I decided to go back tomorrow when everything was sorted out. Yes, I am writing down what happened in this journal, but I'll continue in the morning. For now, good night.

Three days after this entry was written, the writer's friend, who I'll keep anonymous as he requested, reported that he found the writer in his house sitting in a ball on his couch with his eyes shut tight and breathing heavily. Panicked, the writer's friend picked him up and took him to the hospital, there, nobody could figure out what was going on with him, until a Spanish nurse saw the writer's green boil and overheard how a mosquito did it, and explained that growing up, she heard stories of how evil presences take forms of mosquitoes to scare people, they proceeded to carry the writer to her house to perform an exorcism on the writer to rid of the evil that was with him, afterwards, the writer snapped out of his trance as he was taken to his parents house to calm down. He would never talk to anyone about this, he never wrote about this online, until one of his friends posted the story on Reddit, where I got permission to write about this, but as I was writing this, a mosquito flew in and landed on my keyboard and stared at me for three minutes, then flew off and out the windows, unsettled, I shut the window and yanked my curtains shut, then continued to write.

Written by TheAlmightyXbox
Content is available under CC BY-SA

(Originally C92Gamer)

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