Calm your breathing. Slower, slower, slower. If you don't, it might hear you. The world is wrapped in absolute silence, to where you could probably hear a butterfly's wing flapping (if it were there). Leaning back against the cold wall of the closet, you open your eyes again. You peek through the slim crack in the closet out into the darkened night. As your eyes readjust, you see the black ooze it left behind as it trudged across the hallway. You shudder at the memory.

At least you couldn't see its face, it was too tall for that. All you could see was its long, blood-stained claws, dragging along the floor. Its pale white body as skinny as a stick, obviously from lack of food. Although it won't be hungry once it gets to your parents. Don't think about them now though, you will start making noise. Close your eyes and listen again. This time you hear a moan, faint, but still there. It gets louder and louder as you lean back against the wall and hide behind a brown coat.

Fear fills your heart as it gets ever closer. Louder, louder, louder... then it stops. You let out a small sigh of relief; too quiet, you believe, for anyone to hear. Closing your eyes again, you rest your head against the freezing wall, feeling a small amount of hope that you will survive... until you hear a crack of a coat hanger. Your eyes shoot open as you stare face to face with the thing, black pus oozing out of its black holes of eyes, white face twisted into a horrific smile, for a split second. Then it all goes black.