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Author's note: This story is based on true, events, just much more supernatural. Also, any names will be censored (For example, ___ instead of Bob) for privacy purposes.


The following is a documentation of an experiment I conducted about a month ago. The basic premise was that I had to stay in my house for a full week without talking to anybody. That means no Internet, no online multiplayer on games, no looking at emails (although I could send people emails, I couldn't view replies), and DEFINITELY no chat programs. I kept a diary documenting each day and night (A total of 14 entries), and wrote down as much as I could remember of my dreams from the night before in the morning. I had consulted with a few psychiatrists, all of whom said that if I was conducting an experiment based on isolation, there was a very slim chance of me developing anything like psychosis.  

Anyway, some strange occurrences began during the experiment, some that I cannot explain. I highly encourage any people who want to try the experiment to go ahead and post their findings on this article. Now then, I will stop rambling and let you read the journal I kept

Day 1 (Monday)

Hello, my name is ______, and I'm trying an experiment to see (explains the experiment, which I've already done, so let's move on). Already I feel very lonely and I'm have trouble controlling my impulses to open up Steam and chat with someone (not that it would work, I blocked all my friends). Anyway, today is just boring so far, checking back later tonight.

Night 1 (Monday/ Tuesday)

I'm going to bed at 11:04 tonight. I kept myself preoccupied today by playing on my old Gamecube that I dug out of my attic. Oh, and I'm setting up a video camera in my bedroom to record everything while I sleep, see if I can find out about any dreams I forget completely in the morning. For dinner, I had a "healthy" meal of leftover pizza from Sunday night and some leftover chocolate from Easter for dessert. Good night, see you in the morning.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Okay, I'm freaking out. How do I say this without sounding ridiculous?

I woke up today and got up, and quickly realized that something was... Off. That was when I noticed that I couldn't close my eyes. I looked in the mirror, and found that I had some sort of device attached to the back of my head

It was holding my eyes open, and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't come off. I guess I should describe the device. It wasn't painted or anything, just bare metal. It has four little claws, two holding each eye open. The claws are attached to a small round plate on the back of my head, and I guess the plate is glued to my head or something. 

I checked my camera to see if it had recorded anyone entering in my room putting the device on my my head, but when the camera reaches about 2:00 in the morning it cuts to static and the audio gets too distorted to even understand. I've sent an email to one of the psychiatrists I had consulted before the project began. I wish I could take a look at the reply.

Oh, almost forgot! My dreams. 

There was only one dream I could remember. I was in some sort of laboratory, looking through what must have been one-way glass, into what might have been a torture chamber. There was a man, eyes open, sitting in a chair, and the words "can't wake up" were written all over the room's walls. I can't remember much else. I think the chocolate I ate last night gave me nightmares.

Anyway, that's all for today. I'm going to get some eyedrops.

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