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The night was hot. Yes, I remember that it was awfully hot that night.

Even though it was extremely hot, I had my blankets pulled up to my nose. My eyes were the only thing facing the darkness.

I helplessly tried to pull the blankets up, in an attempt to cover the rest of my face.

However, it was like someone or something was dragging them down, not wanting me to finally achieve the fake safety of being under the "shield" that I called blankets.

I was hopeless. I assumed that it was probably the same thing that made the noise downstairs was also pulling my blankets down.

I am not afraid to say that I was scared shitless.

It was by far the most terrifying feeling that I have felt in my whole life. I tried to close my eyes, pressing them as hard as I could to avoid seeing the thing's face.

Tum, tum, tum, tum, step, step, step, step...

One after another, just in front of my bed. Clinchhhh... the mattress shrieked. Then silence, just silence. The absolute silence was deafening into my ears. It seemed like an eternity to me.

"Is it safe yet?" I asked myself.

After thirty minutes or so, I decided to open my eyes. My sight was met with a beast. Empty holes stared back at me where its eyes should be. It was smiling at me...