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So you want to become a Creepypasta-Wiki Editor...

Hello there. So you want to add something creepy to this little wiki. That's nice. And the best thing is, that there are almost no rules.


  1. Log in or sign up. It's no command, but it makes communication and work with the other editors much better!
  2. You can chat or communicate with other editors via the shoutbox widget their talk page. You can enable it after you have signed up. You may also use the chat feature, but if you're not discussing site matters, it would be preferred that you take your conversation to a Private Message.
  3. You can post whatever you like, as far as it could be considered as a creepypasta or scary story.
    1. Horrible Troll Pastas are allowed, as long as you note, that the pasta is horrible and/or by a troll a troll pasta, but not an absolute assualt on the senses. Thug Aim is a good example of a decent troll pasta. TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOD is a good example of what we no longer want. If you really must post Horrible Troll Pasta, add it to Trollpasta Wiki instead.
    2. Before writing an article, make sure, that this pasta does not exist yet (maybe under a different name?). Check spelling or categories. If you find nothing, you can write it.
    3. You have to (!!!) list your article at the Article Listing, in alphabetical order. If you don't do this, it's your problem. Your pasta will never be read by anyone, because no one would find it. IT WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED. This is not optional. If, for some reason, you cannot figure out how to do this, click here
    4. Categorize your articles. This is not optional.
    5. No undercooked pastas. If a story is not yet finished, do not post it here please. This is not optional, save a few.
  4. Images are also fine when they are weird, creepy, or just atmospheric in general.
    1. Screamers are not allowed. Period. A screamer is either a still image or a video with little to no sound that seems normal, untill a face or image pops up and jumps out at you.
    2. Pornographic images not allowed and will result in an immediate and instant permanent ban.
    3. Off-Topic images are only allowed for user-pages. If you add irrelevant or stupid pictures to articles, other editors will delete it.
  5. Please give credit to your submissions, when you know it.
  6. OC (Original Content) is allowed. OC means: Stories or Images, that you made yourself. Please note in your article that it's OC. Before writing and posting a story, read How to Write Creepypasta and submit the story to /x/ to maintain wiki quality.
  7. Each month, Admins decide over a outstanding work of Creepypasta or a scary image. That pasta/image will be featured on the mainpage. Feel free, to nominate pastas or images and feel free to debate over them.
    1. However, votes by IPs don't count.
  8. This wiki '(as well as any other wiki) 'is democratic. You can't delete pages or add articles to the Pasta/Image of the Month without permission of others. Use your brain.
  9. 4chan is our home, especially /x/. We're not that proud of it, but you shouldn't be a total newfag (a user, who's new to /x/ and doesn't understand every meme yet).
  10. Please obey the rules.
    1. If you think, the rules are stupid or we should add something, please make a suggestion on the talk page.
  11. Trolls will be banned.
    1. Registered users will recieve a warning first for trolling behavior.
    2. IPs will not.
    1. Doing so may lead to the revocation of editing privileges. That means a ban.



We hope, you enjoy working here and helping us to make a great, scary encyclopedia of /x/-related culture and work. Have fun.

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