It was black, I heard heavy breathing, but it was not mine. I could hear him breathing heavily, I can't wake up because my head aches, my hands shake, I am in pain. I was out cold, but I woke up with my eyes still closed. I don't want to open them, he might go away, thinking I was dead.

His breathing got louder and closer. I couldn't help but just wince at the smell, but I did not move, then when he poked me to see if I would move, I didn't. He moved on. A few years earlier, it was great.

We accomplished everything in life. But out of nowhere, this dark, sick, disgusting man found another way to get what he wanted... by making some sort of indescribable gas. The gas was released through a tall tower. Within minutes, everyone passed out, including me. But that was the beginning.

Everyone is now a murderous, bloodthirsty killer. They acted like zombies, but they were not. They can talk, they think like Humans, but they act like zombies.

The train stopped here. We all got out with guns in our hands. We saw this distant house and moved on towards it, guns prepared. There were many people in our group, a few men and women, some kids, and some pets, one of them being a fish bowl held by a child. We all ran into each other when the panic happened and decided to stick together.

Luckily, my friend Edward ran a gun shop, he loved those things. every time I asked him why he loves them so much more than anyone, he responded in a serious tone, "Because, one day we might need 'em". I wasn't sure what he meant by that but I guessed he was talking about when the zombie apocalypse happens.

"Wait here, everyone," I said.

When my wife, Kelly, wished me good luck, I went inside the house with my gun. But I immediately went pale. I heard sobbing and investigated. These things we are up against can be confused as SANE Humans. But this one, sobbing, she was not sane. I saw her, bloodied hand, holding a knife and staring down at what I believe was her Husband.

She looked up at me and said, "We had an us."

But I just stood silently, wondering if I should go, hiding the gun behind my back. Then she made an angry, angry, face, saying, "You're here to hurt me too!!!"

She then rushed at me, knife ready. I yelped in fear and shot her in the shoulder. She winced in pain and started crying, then rushed at me, angrier than before. That was when I blew all my bullets shooting at her until she lied on the ground, panting.

"The police will be here, soon..." she said, right before closing her eyes, breathing stopped.

She was one of the millions, billions of people that went crazy from this gas. Although she mentioned Police, law was gone. I went through the rest of the house, finding tons of food. I was glad. I went to scan the entire house and found nothing else.

I went back to the body of the murdered Husband, I was guessing he was doing something that startled the diseased woman. The people infected by the gas got their minds infected badly, and often get angry very easily. I was lucky to not be one of them. Then, I grabbed the food and ran outside yelling.

"We got food! We got food! Tons of food!"

Everyone cheered and thanked me. Then we moved on back to the Train. We were riding on it when an insane man riding a horse, jumped onto the train, knife bitten in his mouth.

He grabbed it and went to kill the nearest man, ME. He must have thought we were bandits because of the house we looted. He was swinging the knife at me and I was pushing his arms aside to miss me.

"Somebody help me, dammit!" I grunted. Then Edward grabbed a rifle and pointed it at the man's head and fired. The man fell to the ground, knife still in hand.

"You got blood all over me, but thanks," I chuckled. Edward loved the fact how he is using his guns for good, and often laughed.

He expected to kill zombies but it was close enough for him. We all never felt comfortable killing these people because they are still human on the inside, but they were murderous. The train stops and we find ourselves in a city, it was very dark and all the lights were out, so it was near pitch black. It was also 6:00 AM when we left the last stop, but now it was 11:27 PM when we arrived.

I was nervous how there was no light.

"Find some store and we will hole up there for the night, but make sure we find flashlights, everyone, or we will be stumbling like this again soon."

The man who ran the train said. And so we went, to find shelter and lights. But I worried the most for one thing only.

There WILL be many insane people here to kill us. But one good thing is, as long as they don't think of us as a threat, we will be left alone. The one problem is how the insane WILL take the first sentence you say wrong. Murder is all that is on their minds. And there, I spotted many drunk, insane men just lying around, lazily.

"Try not to piss anyone off," I said.