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Incident: A ride broke down, everyone was understanding.

Incident: Some crazy man was running through the park. He was yelling, "IT'S CURSED!"

Incident: IT'S CURSED.

Incident: IT'S CURSED.

Incident: IT'S CURSED.

Incident: I had to call security on the crazy man, he kept on writing IT'S CURSED.

Incident: I found some blood on a ride today, someone probably got a bloody nose. We cleaned it up.

Incident: More blood on a seat.

Incident: Man came up to me and said, "That blood looked great.' I kicked him out of the park.

Incident: IT'S CURSED.

Incident: Gas was coming through the ventilation holes of Tsara and Shelter. It turned out just to be steam.

Incident: The Gas took someone's face off. Very nice sight.

Incident: Everyone stationed at Tsara went a little crazy today.

Incident: Panic is rising, people believe that the gas was infected with some sort of virus.

Incident: The south gate was breached, someone got in. We need a suggestion box also.

Incident: Those bodies are getting in the way any idea on where the janitor is?

Incident: Oh take it back, he is in the body pile.

Incident: The man who snuck in is no where to be found. Oh and the new costume that we have now is acting a little weird.

Incident: I do not remember hearing about a new "mascot"

Incident: No one is moving and everyone is on the ground. However I managed to move the bodies. Do I get a raise?


Incident: We found MORE blood on Tsara today, we need more security in order to fix this.

Incident: Someone on Tsara disappeared during a ride.

Incident: It's quiet and I decided to close the park.

Incident: Tons of bodies are on the floor with no face...

Incident: The work day here is done, I will be glad to come back tomorrow.

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