Recently, our class took a trip to the famous Mark Twain caves in Hannibal, Missouri. As we went inside, the edged rocks pointed around in different angles, dripping from tiny drops of natural water. The darkness inside stretched out for what seemed like miles. I took many pictures, for I wanted to remember this moment when I went in these large caves. I was in the back of the group taking pictures when I saw a long path. There were many different paths that stretched down into nothing but darkness.

I started to stare down the narrow path. As I continued to stare into the darkness, I noticed it. There were two, faint lights down in the distance, dimly glowing and standing out. I thought for a moment that it could be some type of light they put down there, but it wasn't as bright. Maybe it was a bat. But I looked at the size of the two dots, and it couldn't be. They were simply too big. There couldn't be any animals down here, and neither were humans. As I continued to look at it, I felt as if they grew brighter. I quickly got out my camera and took a quick picture. We moved on from that path. As I look back at the picture, I knew that it was something. It knew that I knew it was there.

And it stared back at me.