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Do you know that feeling you get when you wake up and you can't remember when you fell asleep? That's because before you fall asleep you enter a phase where you are neither awake or asleep. Unlike when you are awake or asleep you have no recollection of what horrors take place in this realm. This is the realm of the nightmares.

When you lay down to sleep the nightmares drag you into this realm. In this realm your conscious must try to escape the grasp of the nightmares. If it does (it usually does) you will fall asleep and you are safe. But, nightmares can follow your consciousness into your sleep realm and cause bad dreams. If you can't escape from the realm of the nightmares, you can't leave. The nightmares drag you away and your consciousness dies with the rest of your body. Your consciousness becomes weaker and weaker with age, so the nightmares have a better chance of taking you.

If you can remember what happens in the nightmare realm, you will always remember. If you don't forget your trips to the nightmare realm your consciousness will grow stronger and you can live longer. So next time you wake up, try hard to remember what happened in the nightmare realm or else they may take you.

Written by PotterFans
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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