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First off, I want to say this is a true story. That is all. Not really creepy, more of... well, it is creepy, but it has a bit of romance in it and is quite mature.

I believe I have a curse that ties my life to someone very important to me, so that if anything bad happens to her, a similar thing happens to me. Basically, if I want to stay alive, I have to keep her alive. And that is very difficult for all of my friends. If you don't believe me, come to the chat we are at and see for yourself.

You will slowly piece together my story. (Also, if you do follow the link, say you came from the Creepypasta "Illness of Agony".)

I would appreciate it if you make an article called "Illness of Agony - Puzzle Solving" for everyone to contribute to with their theories and stories pieced together by the clues you find when I chat.

......that is all.

Epic Close Call

We roleplayed her idea of jumping off a steep hill, strangely without me dying. Originally she was planning it to be for real, but for some reason she came back. Raykidd, her currently-ex, had taken my advice the wrong way and left her. Now he hates everything with all his heart, and I assume is just now learning about her coming very near suicide.

I am honored, however, that her almost-last words were to me, and that is something I will never forget. As I edit this article now, adding the new section, we are in the middle of the roleplay. I assume that Aqua, a character Skye is using in the roleplay, had broken the curse just after she hit the ground giving up her life, preventing my own demise soon following.

This is all I have on the matter right now.

Current Conclusion

The RP had ended with remorse. Skye was dead, Raykidd and I were arm-in-arm supporting each-other, and the holy quote was expelled, "rest in peace."

Skye's thoughts upon finishing: Put it on deviantART. (To which I accepted.)

Raykidd before the roleplay that he doesn't know about: FUCK EVERYTHING!

And me? Well: I'm busy now. Very busy.


This time, it wasn't her idea. Skye's brother, Ryan, heard the request of JohnRoblox97, to end the "whore"'s life. And so it happened. Ryan told me everything. The shots he fired through her head, the unreasonable reason he did it, and all that other shit.

Rest in peace Skye (Xat user BloodFaNg226), 1996-2012.

...You will be missed.



Everyone is against me. A month after finding out Ryan lied to me, he is causing chaos yet again. After an argument about Starman3 (the owner of the chatroom), Skye freaked out and left. Ryan came on immediately after, saying he had tortured her to the point of bleeding to death. He threatened to kill her several times, and though I was calming down as he instructed, SuperNimi35's cousin was making it worse.

I even found out after Ryan filled Skye with lies about me, that Ryan hates her, hates me, hates everyone. such is the extent of his plan to break us up. First was his prank with pretending to be Skye breaking up with me (which if he didn't reveal that he was pranking me within a minute I could have accidentally hated Skye and then she would hate me without explaining), then the lie above about blowing her brains out.

What would have happened was, i could have ignored him right then because of him supposedly having the account to himself, and so when Skye comes to use the account she'll find herself ignored (under Ryan's use of the account) and then hate me forever without me knowing.

The third, which was legitimately and truthfully beating her to death as well as lying to her when she survived, is still in my head right now, as it has happened just a few minutes ago, and seems to still be affecting us as I type this pasta.

In true blog fashion, i will also state the time I updated this pasta on each section from now on.

MagitekX9000 (talk) 11:26, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

I'm turning myself around.

She is fine physically, but mentally not so much. There are many people to blame, but I can't pinpoint with precision who is responsible. I am listening to her favorite song as I type this. I will explain later, maybe.

MagitekX9000 (talk) 05:15, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

Also, Ryan has apparently changed for the better. Everyone seems to be mad at Jbro, though he says he had no intention of making Emily leave Xat forever. I may be able to conclude in a few hours, if I'm lucky.

MagitekX9000 (talk) 05:23, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

Some Kind of Fun

Well, Emily is back and we had a roleplay where she killed most of her friends, then she killed herself and then we were revived. As instructed, I have mentioned this roleplay here. It was very interesting and kinda creepy, but idk if it counts as a piece to this true-story creepypasta.

MagitekX9000 (talk) 01:24, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

It's Been A While (Please disregard this section, I'm sorry if I offended anyone to the North of the United States.)

APPARENTLY she has snapped.

All the Canadian assholes took it too far. I am the only person in the omniverse who doesn't hate her. I am horribly, fatally and sadly outnumbered...

I cannot do anything...

..I'm sorry, Emily... better do it fast...

MagitekX9000 (talk) 01:13, January 8, 2013 (UTC)


Welp, she has some sort of medication now. A lot of things happened, I got scared, she was sad, etc. But we seem to be fine now. Derp. ...don't really have anything else to say.

MagitekX9000 (talk) 00:15, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

Long time without an update, eh.

Emily has finally made it clear to me that it is not all of Canada that hates her. It is just everyone at her high school. Well, that certainly justifies attempted murder(!) Seriously.

MagitekX9000 (talk) 00:16, July 1, 2013 (UTC)

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