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There are three universes. The starting point, which one may refer to as "Hell". The finishing point, which one may refer to as "Heaven". And a limbo, stuck in between these two worlds. There are many beings stuck in this limbo, unconsciously desperate for a way out. They constantly flicker in and out of this limbo and into the other worlds in the time that they are fully aware. The beings in this limbo call these times of awareness dreams and nightmares.

The only way one can reach their destination is to be aware that it exists. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years to find this destination after they are aware of its existence. Until then, they will be living in this limbo, torturing their soul with their ignorance. Sometimes, the soul will be so desperate for a way out that it will send you signs or messages pleading for its release.

So please, set me free.

Set me free.

Set me free.

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