I have always been looking for something to be afraid of, but every time I find something, I face it. I am writing this now because, I know this creature will come after me and you too.

I need to warn people about this psychopathic creature. It stalks me in the middle of the night. Sometimes, it evens likes to claw at my skin and make me bleed streams of blood. If I open my eyes, it screams. Its scream is so loud, it hurts your head, but after it screams, it runs away into the dark night.

I bet you are wondering how I encountered this creature or whatever the hell it is. Well, it was college. I recently moved to an apartment near the college. I was obviously unboxing stuff from my past years. Hell, I even found my Nintendo 64 with my games in it. After I unpacked every single thing, I collapsed on my bed. I must have slept all day and night. When I woke up it was 7:47 AM, but for some reason I was confused. I didn't know where I was for a second. But that short second felt like what was five minutes. I was sweating all over the place.

I heard a doorbell ring. I slowly walked to it. My legs shook as I went to the door. I swear, I could hear voices saying, "Come back", and "It's not worth it!" But, something in my head kept letting me go to the door. When I got to the door, I slammed it open. I felt like a crazy man. It was just mail left by someone in the apartments. It was the usual. Bills. So many of them. I couldn't even count how many there were. Then I saw the envelope. It was white, but had yellow stains all over. It was wet and it felt strange holding it. I decided to open it. The letter was from some anonymous person. It read:

"Dear, ???

Your time has come. Prepare for consequences for your actions.


My heart sank when I read it. I remember it word from word. If I read it again, it makes me shiver in fear. I started to walk down the hallway, so I can head to classes. But I immediately fell down in pitch black darkness that instantly surrounded me.

I woke up. I ran as fast as I could. The hallways were bleeding, dead bodies rising from the floor. I noticed my legs were getting shorter. My voice was getting lighter. Almost, childlike. I fell down and then I saw it. It had a rake for a hand, and had blood pouring from its mouth. Its voice was muffled. It sounded like a woman screaming mixed with children crying. I was frozen because of how disgusted I was. I started crying. In that muffled, ear piercing scream, I heard it say, "I am Iblis."

I woke up after that. I threw up in my sleep. I was in my bedroom. It was 7:47 PM. I thought it was odd. My room felt cold. I went to turn the heat on but something in my living room stopped me. I felt someone touch me on my back. I turned around. It was my girlfriend. Hung on the ceiling. A rope around her neck, she was cut open. Her intestines hanging from her throat and out her mouth. Her eyes were ripped out and shoved up her nostrils.

I started running out of the apartment door, screaming for help. I think someone called the police because they were right outside. Then, I saw my shirt with blood all over my shirt. A knife was in my pocket along with a note. The note said, "ENJOY YOUR LIFE." I was disturbed. I was put into the police car. I stared at the apartment and under my breath I said, "This hell is finally over, I guess." I don't want to go back there. Ever. I just got out of prison about a month ago. I now live with my parents. I am too scared to go back and live on my own.

It's time to start a new chapter in my life. I call it, "The end of my life". It's pretty short. That is because it ends here.