I walk.

I don't know when I started, and I don’t know where I wanted to go in the first place. Yet I still walk. No matter how blurry the shapes around me. They get clearer every day. I’m starting to realize where I am. I am everywhere. As long as I walk I can be everywhere.

The world is too grey. I see everything, trees, buildings, people, and I remember having seen them before, but now they seem so grey. It's like I can finally see everything as it really is. The colors are just a veil to conceal the truth from our eyes. Everything is grey.

I walk.

This place… I can't stand this place anymore. Why must I walk alone? I know I have to get somewhere, but walking is too hard. Even harder to go through alone. No one will walk with me. I see them, but they don't seem to notice me at all. Pathetic creatures… going through life everyday, drinking their precious coffee, working hard at their precious jobs, going home to their so called “happy” families, ignorant of the world’s true grey color. Ignorant of the suffering man walking beside them. They don't ignore me because they can't see me. They ignore me because they are worthless, disgusting creatures. I wish I could tear them all apart. Every last one of them.

I walk.

I have to get to her. She is the only one who knows me. She won't neglect me. She wouldn't. Maybe she can bring back the colors. I see her now. I walked to her. She is in her home, all alone, wearing black. She is still wearing black. Such beauty. Even seeing her broken and hurt makes my soul warm. It's so warm. I don't remember her name, or who she was to me. I just remember I need her.

I walk to her.

She knows I'm there. She responds to my presence. I knew she would. She looks scared. She looks like she's about to cry. But wait… scared? How could it be? She loved me, right? She wouldn't be scared of me. She wouldn't… she wouldn't dare. Oh God… she is just like them. She is as despicable and revolting as all of them. She is grey too. Like everything else. She lied to me. They all did.

She walks now.

Written by Byron Tsimentas
Content is available under CC BY-SA