And I lay there, on my bed, staring at the corner of my room; looking deeper, through the shadow. I saw the deep red eyes staring back at me. It knew I saw it. Then, it smirked, teeth whiter than I've ever witnessed. White, but sharp. It made me fill with fear. I knew from the start something was there, but never knew how dangerous it really was. And now I would find out. As it crept out of the corner, the shadows kept it hidden no longer. Its smirk was still held there. I couldn't help but hold eye contact with the creature, trying to pull away, but couldn't seem to help but stare into his plotting eyes, filled with death and murder.

It kneeled down on one knee when it was at my bed, its facial expression never changing. A bony, zombie-like hand was placed upon my stomach. I jerked it away. I knew this thing was capable of more than humans, so that probably wasn't my best move. Its expression changed, now mad at me. It put down both of its hands on my stomach, and squeezed. My eyes widened. It was agonizing. I started to choke, trying to call for help, but it started to pull, making the pain worse. I then realized that it was ripping out my stomach.

I fought back once again, the stupid person I am, grabbing his wrists. His grasp stayed, pulling at my stomach, the pain getting worse. I could feel the skin ripping apart. Once the blood stained my shirt, it was too much. He kept pulling. I remembered the pocket knife in my pants. I kept it in my drawer at night. My arm reached out, opening the drawer. He looked over at what I was reaching out for, but only once it was too late for him.

I jabbed the knife in his throat. He fell to the ground, his grasp released from me. I breathed heavily, and looked at the dead thing, lying on the floor. I was so shocked to see that it was dead. And it was dead because of me. It made me feel proud. I grinned. I got up to see the body, turning on my lamp. Blood was pouring out of his neck. His expression was a bit of shock. My eye twitched. I wasn't satisfied. I looked at the blood-stained knife in my hand. My grin turned into the smirk that thing once held on its face. I stepped on his body as I walked out the door, hiding the knife behind my back, staring at the woman watching TV down the hall, the woman I once loved, unsuspecting of what would become of her.