I met a Maid; her eyes were tinder
Her hair was finely curved…
And nothing could her feelings hinder.
She wanted me. I hated her.
The day was gloomy; rain poured down
The House was dark and cold.
The Church reminded the whole town
About a tale gone old.

How many men did she deceive?
I’d many rumours heard:
Took everything she could retrieve,
Yet all the bodies burned.

She has a yard of empty flesh,
A vault of hearts and souls.
Yet she wants more; she needs them fresh
To fill her empty holes.

She was of herculean strength
Her nails were stained with blood.
Her clothes were two metres in length
To show her maidenhood.

She gave her serfs a long embrace
And drove their lives away.
They soon forgot it in a haze
And to her sides they swayed.

Oh maiden, why were you so sharp?
Why did you pierce my soul?
It hurts incredibly! My heart
Will nevermore be whole.

Accursed device! I was not born
To end my life in you!
My organs were all pinned and torn,
And flies around them flew.

I have been tortured past my sense,
“All for the mighty Lord.”
The Maiden was my grave. So dense
Was her embrace, so hoard!

I met a Maid; her eyes were tinder,
Her hair was finely carved…
And no one could their judgement hinder.
I have been shamed and starved.

The Iron Maiden killed me off.
A spirit, left behind
Without a body and a soul
Is to this world confined.

An Iron Maiden is a presumed medieval torture/executionary device, which consists of an iron cabinet with two "embracing" hinges covered with spikes (nails), and a decorative carved head. The nails pierced the vital organs of the victim, resulting in a long, agonising death.

Iron Maiden

Written by Atonal Anthem
Content is available under CC BY-SA