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I love acid.

I love how it makes me feel, I love the trip, I love the different reality it takes me to. I love when my friends look at me and laugh because they know how I'm feeling, and they know it feels great. Or when a stranger asks me if I'm "okay" and all I can do is laugh.

Yeah, I really love acid.

I love how it makes me feel important. I love no longer being able to remember that there are no people there for me, hell, I can make new ones anyway. I love not being able to remember the people that I've left behind through all these years, all the ones that were "just trying to help me." I love the friends that I do have, although I only see them during one of my trips.

I love Acid

I love listening to smooth jazz while I prepare dinner for my wife and I. I love lighting the candles at the table and opening a new bottle of wine. I love the tingly feeling I get when I put the two plates at perfect spots on the table, along with the silverware and nice wine glasses. I love not being able to remember that she died in a car accident years ago. I love not being able to remember that it was my fault. I don't drink the wine, in hopes that I won't hurt anybody else. I just set it out for her.

Yeah, I love acid.

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