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I lost my glasses.

I thought I left them on the table, but I checked and nothing was there except something sharp. I have terrible vision; everything is so blurry, I can't make out shapes.

I move through the house, feeling around. My wife must be painting the walls. I see dark shapes on them, and they're wet to the touch. It's so quiet in the house...

I step on something wet and squishy. I really wish the kids would not bring the pool toys in the house.

I look in the kids' bedroom and say, "Girls, have you seen my glasses?" No response, but I can see a lump under each of their blankets. They must be sleeping.

I check the bathroom, but the lightbulb went out. I feel around, and my hand touches the counter. I hate it when the kids splash water all over the place. It's thicker, though... soap?

I go into the bedroom and see my wife standing near the window. Of course I could only see her blurry shape cause of my terrible eyesight. I'm getting old.

"Hunny, have you seen my glasses?" She didn't reply, just stood there. I approached her and touched her shoulder. She shifted slighty.

"Hun?" Her shirt was wet. She must've spilled something on it. "Hun, are you okay?" Still no answer.

I gave her a little nudge, and she shifted away from me, but then came back and bumped into my chest. I felt for her face. She had her mouth open.

"Did you lose your voice?" Her face was wet. I touched at her throat and felt a thick, scratchy choker. She must've gone shopping, but... something didn't feel right.

I reached for her hand and felt her clutching my glasses. It took a little effort to pry them out cause she was holding them so tight, but I got them.

I put on my glasses...

I wish I had never found them.

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