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Hello, you've heard of it right? You hear the creaks and things that go bump in the night. Well that's not me, that's your imagination.

You're afraid of the monster in the closet and the creature under the bed right? Well that's not me, that's your imagination.

You felt that situation, the feeling that someone is watching you; that someone's on the other side of the door, or that someone is staring at you through the window. Well that's not me, that's your imagination. 

You seriously think that I'm a tall, slender, faceless entity with tentacles protruding from his back? Well, that's not me, that's your imagination.

You really think that I'm some serial killer with lifeless eyes, a horrifying smile, raven black hair and a blood-stained sweater? Well that's not me, that's your imagination.

You probably imagine that I'm the creature in the corner of your room, you know, the one that watches you sleep every night, and one that desires sacrifices from you; the one that wants your flesh. Well that's not me, that's your imagination.

You think I'm a monster, you think I'm a killer, you think I'm a ghost, you think I'm a demon, you think I'm the shadows, you think I'm an alien, you think I'm a creature, you think I'm alive, you think I'm dead, you think I'm simulated. Well, that's not me, that is what it is.

The truth is that I'm not really watching you, but it's funny that I feel what you feel right now, be it fear, joy, despair, hatred, or emptiness. I have felt you for a long time, since the moment you were born I've known you better than anyone. I am in your dreams and nightmares; you just can't see me, because I'm really not there. 

I am not something to fear or be drawn to, I am not something of good or evil, I am not something of light or dark. Fuck, I'm not even alive or dead, I'm not even saying these words, I'm just imagining them, yet I have no imagination or mind. I talk without a mouth, I see without eyes, I move without a body, yet you're still there.

Staring at your computer, listening to yourself talk is strange isn't it? Well I just want to let you know; my sweet, sweet embrace, that I've been inside of you for a long time, yet I do not control you, you do not control me, because we are the same entity; we are the exact same thing don't you get it? I am the one who damns your nightmares, the one who blesses your dreams, the one who is your emotions, the one who is your mind; I am you. Please do not fear me though, for I am watching you; I am nothing but pure blackness, a dreaded abyss, mindless, bodiless, emotionless, spiritless, shapeless, nothingness!