Author's Note : I was inspired for this creepypasta by some dreams I had after Newtown, choice episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the popular creepypasta the Stepmother. This is my first creepypasta

Dreary. That’s the only word I can think of as I walk through the rain. At least my mom was coming late today. I could use my laptop until 5 o'clock. I finally reach home and see my brother doing his homework. I walked upstairs to my mom's room and carefully removed my laptop. As I check my email I notice an email from an old friend who hadn't talked to in months. Wait, that wasn't her. I had already checked the email through. It had one sentence.

"Everything is not what it seems".

I shrugged it off and thought, "Annoying spammers, they can’t leave me alone.” I started to play Minecraft but I still could not get that email off my mind. It was 5 o'clock, time for me to start my homework. I put my laptop back and went downstairs. Around eighteen minutes later, my mom arrived. That was weird because her place of work was about 7 minutes away. I got up and gave her a hug and went back to my homework. Something was off though, she felt so cold.

Eventually it was 9 o'clock and my dad hadn't come back. My mom told me to come in the car and that we were going somewhere. She refused to elaborate. I wondered where we were going as my mother had left again at 7.She drove to an old warehouse near the bay. When she stopped the car and walked in she told me to follow her. What I saw in there will haunt me forever. It was my dad and my mom hanging on the girders, chains twisted around their necks. I spun around to the lady pretending to be my mother and yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU!"

"What am I? Oh, I’m nothing,” it replied.

I woke up in bed shivering and sweating. I calmed down after realizing it was all just a dream. But when I checked my email that message was still there.