Why do my parents keep me locked up? Why don’t they let me go out and play with the other kids in our neighborhood? They say it’s because I’m too dangerous to be let around other kids. But I’m not dangerous at all! I’m a nice little girl!

I’m nice to the other kids! I let them take their turns first when we play hopscotch. I play the seeker so everyone else can hide when we play hide and seek, even though I really love to hide. When I lose a game, I’m a good sport! I congratulate the winner and tell myself maybe I will win next time.

Why do Mommy and Daddy think I’m dangerous? Is it because of the time that big boy pushed me down and laughed? All I did was scream, but when I stopped, everyone was staring at me and the big boy was lying down. They said when I screamed a black wind came down from the sky and went through the boy, and he fell down, dead.

Or is it because of that time I was climbing on the jungle gym? I was afraid to climb up really high, and some big kids were calling me a scaredy-cat. I told them to stop, but they kept calling me a scaredy-cat! I screamed at them to stop, and then the big kids all fell off the top, all the way down. The grown-ups said the black wind came down again and went through them.

I didn’t do any of those things! I don’t want to hurt people! I would never kill anyone, even if they were really mean! I just want to play outside with other kids! I’m not dangerous at all!

I’m not…