Some people have absolutely no idea what happens out of sight. That’s where you get the shallow minded people from, people who are stuck in a routine of getting up, having food, going to work and then going home and sleeping again. Occasionally something might bring them out of this rut that they’re in but it’s usually the bad things that make them wake up, such as a family death or a natural disaster.

The whole education system is just indoctrination, a way to squeeze the colour and imagination out of children so they are fresh for the working world, made to sit behind desks and file papers, over and over again. Even English is taught in a certain way, not allowed to do this, not allowed to do that. Sometimes you just have to wonder why people haven’t realized yet. Why people haven’t realized that this whole world is a lie. Some people have realized of course but they often get labeled as mad and get stuck in a asylum with actually insane members.

Those ‘voices’ they hear all the time. They’re real. Everything is real, the dark, terrifying things that lurk at the back of your memory, they’re real. When you think of something you give it life, the ability to come alive in stories and pictures is all because of people who had nightmares.

Talking about nightmares, you’re only supposed to see people in them that you’ve seen before in your life. So who was that person you dreamt about last night, a dark shadowy figure with a grin like Lucifer. Unfortunately, when you realized there’s other things out there, you don’t have long before they know you’re watching. We’re not the only ones that have face, just they have pointed teeth and snarling expressions, some with extremely deformed faces that can make you withdraw back into the falsehood of sanity and logic

Just remember, when you wake up at strange times in the early hours of the morning, you’re most likely being watched. And that mirror that faces your bed constantly, so in the morning you can just jump out of bed and do your makeup? It’s a window. A window where you can be constantly watched. Sometimes your reflection crawls out of bed and steps out of the mirror, to stare at you while you’re sleeping. And all you see when you wake up, is your reflection staring back at you, with a grin on its face. How can a reflection grin when you’re not even smiling.

Sweet dreams.