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Note: This story is part of the 2015 Creepypasta Freestyle Competition.
For a full list of entries, see this category.

Subject: Video camera

Good day. My name is Alex and I should tell you about a thrilling experience. A couple of weeks ago, I started to notice things "out of place". It wasn't anything very strange at first. Just some random noises in the walls. Not even abnormal noises. You know, some bumps, sofa being moved or footsteps. But it became stranger when I started hearing them at night. Imagine this: you are relaxing, trying to get some sleep. Suddenly, a loud bump scares the shit out of you. It repeats itself once or twice and stops, just to be heard again after ten minutes.

It moved inside the house soon. Any door left unlocked would be found wide open after a couple of minutes. And a plate simply broke when the house was empty. I was worried rather than scared. I was present to see many of this thing happening. The strangest of all was, maybe, that any open window would close itself. The day I found out why those things were happening is a cursed and a blessed one at the same time.

I found out by accident. I was recording some show on TV with a camera (can't buy a DVD Player. Sad, isn't it?) and I forgot to stop it after I was done with it. I just put it on the nearest table. After some time, I realized that it was still on. I love being dumb right now. I watched the video 'till the part where I moved the camera and I was that close to stopping it. But something prevented me from doing this. A blue, glasslike silhouete walking to the bathroom door. "How the hell could I not see this?", I thought. It entered, exited the bathroom, raised his hands (stretching?) and faded away.

As soon as I saw this, I reviewed every video I made in this house. Strangely, it hadn't appeared on any. But I couldn't give up like this. The next day, while at school, I hid the camera and the phone (not sure it would work, but happy to try). After returning home, I realized that my phone was on the floor.

"Holy shit!", I said. Luckily, it wasn't broken. So, as soon as I left, it reappeared. It acted somehow... depressive. It walked in circles with its hands at his back, seemingly concerned. It stopped after a few minutes and sat on the side of the bed. It put its head between its hands. It didn't move for twenty minutes. It raised its hands for a few seconds. That is when it noticed the phone. It raised rage fully and punched the phone. Luckily, the second camera was still recording.

After punching the phone, it seemed very startled. It was looking in different directions and started to run through the house, searching for anybody else. It went past my mom (who was walking to the bathroom) and didn't noticed her at all. But when she washed her hands, he looked in the sound's direction. Its hollow body became red and simply went berserk. It raised its head (screaming?) and caused a minor tremor. It then faded away again, but while also leaving some black smoke.

But the worst of all was yesterday. A few hours ago I heard a whisper saying "Smile!". Whe...when I turned to see who said that, I saw just a camera recording. Recording me.

I... I just couldn't stand this anymore. I needed to find out what was happening with this "specter". It... it was is dark in the room. Everybody else was out. I thought that I would have more chances to make it come if it's dark. I've waited for 30 minutes and nothing happened yet. So... chances to appear- high. Chances to get unnoticed- very low. Chances to escape unharmed... minimal.

Jesus Christ, it was suddenly so cold there. Ah! It was coming. I felt it. Shut up you idiot! It will hear... it had arrived. It was violet- I hoped for a good sign. It was coming in my direction as I was moving back quickly. My room is so damn small- I had already hit a wall. I was cornered and it is coming closer. It's touch was ice cold. I... saw something. I see imagines. Coins falling down, some papers being thrown in the air, running legs and... a hand falling down.

I tried to communicate with it, "I... don't... understand". I was suddenly warm again. It left. I actually passed out. Huh... I found a note when I woke up. It said:

"We are sorry for the inconvenience. We were actually very surprised. All of them tried to escape multiple times. But he was the one who got the closest to your plane. If we didn't got your help, he might've succeeded. Thank you again and enjoy your time. You don't have much left"

Written by Diexilius
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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