I am very close to my sister, I take good care of her like if she was a child of my own. But you may ask how are we so close to each other? Well it's quit a story really.

So I'm living with my boyfriend and my sister, Juliet (who lost her house in a fire), and I offered her to stay at my house for the time being. During a conversation we were having, I offered some tea. She look at the tea without blinking. I ask "What's the matter?" She replied "Oh it's nothing, I'm just bit overwhelmed since my house burned down." I toke a sip of the tea when I heard loud banging on my door. "Oh my God! She's here!" Yelled Juliet. I opened my door it was my boyfriend, Micheal. He was in a hurry since he to go to work. I then turned to my sister and asked who is "she". "Oh I was having nightmare, and.... I was just remembering it." I then ask if she wanted more tea. She just got up and went to her room. When Micheal returned it was late, I was in bed, and when he entered the room, the car alarm when off. He went outside and saw that his car had a nasty scratch of it. I thought it must of be one of the cats, but it didn't look like a cat have scratched it.

The next day, I was making breakfast for both, Juliet and Micheal, when suddenly a tea cup shatter like a glass. I was so surprised, I notice my sister was just down the hallway.

"Did you shatter this tea cup?" I asked.

"No." she replied.

I notice my sister had a worried look in her eye. "Are you okay?" I asked again.

"I'm just not feeling well." She replied nervously.

"Well I made breakfast, come on and eat."

She walk to the table and sat. She looked at the flower vase that was on top of the table. She stared at it for a while. I was so confused what was happening. Micheal ran down the stairs.

"There was something in the closet." Juliet then got up and said

"It's nothing! it-it might of been your imagination!"

"What are you on about?" She didn't answered my question she just ran upstairs. I followed her and she the door and locked it. I bang on the door and yelled to open it. When she did, I grabbed her by the arm and furiously asked why she did that. She grabbed my hand pushed me towards the wall. "IT'S NOTHING!!" she screamed. Micheal hold her back. "What's the matter with you? You've been acting like this ever since your house burned down!" She just when to her knees and cried. I tried to hug her, but she pushed me away. Micheal suggested if we just left her alone, and we did.

Sometime later I've been hearing strange things. Juliet began to act strange more and more. This had something to do with her house burning down. I went to investigate her house. I was digging up the burned ashes when I came across a burned book about haunted houses. Her house listed on there. I read, and saw that house lived a happy family. But when there was a war, the house was in the middle of it.

The family had a little girl named Carly. Her family was heading to a safe place, when soldiers broke in the house and killed Carly. The family was secretly leaving, but Carly wondered into a room, where the soldiers broke in. Carly was buried underneath the house and currently haunts it. Whatever happens to the house, She will get revenge on the one who is responsible to whatever happens to it. I knew now she is haunting my sister. So I had to do something about it. I hopped in my car, and I raced to my house as fast as I could. When I arrived, there was no one inside. then, I heard singing upstairs, I went up, and went into my room to see something horrifying. There laid Micheal with multiple stabs wounds in the back, and was dead. And Juliet was there, holding a knife, soaked with blood. and smile on her face.

She was possessed by the little girl on the book. "I want someone to take care of me." She said, I was speechless, my back felt like it was of ice. "Please take care of me! Take good care of me!" and I did. I couldn't run off and call the police, she was my sister. and even if she is possessed I will take care of her like a child of my own. I had to make Micheal's death look like an accident, so what I did is crash into a car and made his body like a someone in a car accident. So now I realized I don't need anyone but my sister. I'm so close to her now. and that's my story.