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How long?

How long must I suffer? How long must I wait, longing and lamenting for death?

How long?

How long must I cry, alone and shattered, in the darkness of my room, seeing the fact that all the people on Earth reject me?

How long?

How long must I see, see the people, happy people, people who could find peace and love in a world where there is none?

How long?

How long must I hear the laughter and the love, floating through the air in the streets and the houses, when the only sound I can create is the weeping of reality?

How long?

How long must I taste, taste the salt of my tears, the metallic taste of rain, the pure misery that abounds?

How long?

Not long.

For not much longer.

For one man can only stand so much pain, so much misery, so much grief, so much fear.

So today I give in.

Today, I die.

Written by Bill8642 
Content is available under CC-BY-SA
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