In my free time, I like to get on Facebook, and scroll through my news feed. About a month ago, I found this page, called 'Disturbing Videos'. It was new, from 2014. While it was claiming to be a disturbing page, there was nothing disturbing about it. Just a lot of spam and stupid pictures, like two gorillas mating in an awkward position, or a few Creepypasta pictures of Eyeless Jack and Jeff the Killer. There was one image that stuck out though.

It said, ‘HOW IT FEELS TO CHEW 5 GUM’ in green letters in the top-left corner. It had a picture of a moving car. Attached to the front hood of the moving car was a woman in lingerie, ripped open at the location of her private area. Also attached to the hood of the truck was a fucking machine, a dildo that was inside of the woman.

I first saw it, and thought, ‘This is fucking grotesque.’ But for some reason, I went to the website, which appeared labeled across the image in transparent, but visible, letters. The website was

On the website were pictures in a blog-like form, a bunch of crazy bondage shit. Why I decided to go on the website, I don’t remember. I wasn’t horny at the time, and it didn’t turn me on at all, it even made me consider homosexuality because of how lewd it was to me. I went to the very last page, dated in 1999. The whole website apparently was made in 1995, with the first blog being nothing but a picture and a small paragraph of writing. The picture was a white background and a lady, kinda like a drawn symbol.

I logged off of the website.

Three days had passed, and I was aching to get on the website. Why? No clue. I looked through over twenty pages of the site, and I came across this picture. The woman looked almost identical to Kim Kardashian. She was forced upon a seat, with a sex toy in her anus. A man was having normal sex with her. She was crying out in the pictures.

But here’s what got me. It had a preview. I clicked on it, and watched it. The girl was yelling out, ‘Please, no! This isn’t what my mom said it would be.’ The man placed duct tape over her mouth, sat her on a saddle, a sharp end traveling into her anus. The man began to fuck her (bareback, he wasn’t wearing any condom) and she was screaming and squirming. The man yanked her off of the sharp saddle’s end, blood coating it.

It zoomed out and rezoomed to the corner of the footage, still giving a clear picture. She was on the chair with the sex toy that was shown in the picture gallery, with the man continuing to rape her. It ended with the man releasing his load into her. The screen went black. Many thoughts came to my head. Varying from ‘this is a sick man’ to ‘maybe these girls were told to do this and liked it.’ But I got curious, so I looked up the date North West was born. June 15, 2013. The video was added eight months and twenty-six days from that date.

A day ago, I went back on the website, and looked for the video. But it was gone. I thought, ‘maybe the page was just lagging.’ So I refreshed it. But things got worse. There was a new picture, right where the Kardashian post would’ve been. Same date and everything, except instead of Kim Kardashian, it was a boy. The boy was almost identical to me. I quickly shut off the computer and went upon my business.

That night, last night, I went to a club with my friends. It was a gay club. We all told one of our gay friends that we’d support him on the first night of his new job there. He was a stripper, so that was something to be proud of. I’m friends with strippers. Every time I go to a club within a sixty-mile radius and talk about my stripper friend, people will know him.

So, two girls and two guys, me and our stripper friend, all had drinks after his shift ended. We were having a great time, until my stripper friend had led me to the back. I was slowly fading into a sleep, and I realized someone had drugged me, and maybe my friend knew! Maybe I was able to get away before anyone could sodomize me. So, I fell asleep.

I had a dream that I was in that footage shown on House of Gord. My insides were being ruptured, and many vile and lewd things were happening to me.

But I woke up right when the slender man that was raping me muttered out that he was ‘about to cum.’

Kilwin, my gay stripper friend and I were sleeping in the same bed. He was in his stripper underwear, probably ready to strike a pose at any second. When he saw I was awake, he smiled and got up, asking me questions like ‘are you okay?’ and ‘how do you feel?’

I told him I felt fine, because I did.

I stood up from the bed, and looked where I was laying. A small puddle of dried blood was there and I felt like my life was over. It wasn’t a dream. It actually had happened.

Kilwin came back in the room. His face was sweet, and he was smiling. He pointed to a corner in his room, where the saddle and dildos and many other BDSM items and toys laid.

Just a few minutes before I started writing this, he came into the room and said, "I'm sorry I let them have you."