Braid hourglass

The broken hourglass.

Every soul has its own hourglass, and I am the keeper of these hourglasses. I am everyone's Death, and no one can avoid me. Once your sand has accumulated down at the bottom, I claim you. But do not worry. I am not the one who tortures or kills; I simply harvest your crops. It is not I who determines when and how you die. I just wait.

I exist for only one duty, and that is to take you from your slumber. You only think that death is painful, but it is not and never will be. It is only a stage of awakening. Every existence - you created it. The true world is here, beyond death. Death for you is your soul leaving the Overworld, but in actuality, you were never in that world.

Everything you know, everything everyone ever did, are mere hallucinations. I exist because it is my job to wake you, to take you and lead you here, the real world. This is what you call and believe to be Heaven. Do not let my appearance deceive you. I am not simply a skeletion; I am living.

Here, there is no evil, no suffering, no death. Once you reach the stage of awakening, you will be amazed. Everything will come to you, your past life before you slept for a long time. And being born in your world is a person here in the real world, beginning to slip into the Slumber.

Each of you are linked to each other. You created that world, and every evil thing someone has done, was your subconscious mind's doing. It was telling someone to wake from their sleep. The ones who kill, they were just bringing someone to the true world. The Awakened and myself are waiting for you, waiting for your sand to be wasted. We all are waiting, hoping for the sand to reach the bottom.