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My hotel. My room was on the left side.

It started off as a beautiful, warm summer evening. I was relaxing in my car, eating McDonalds while sipping on some soda. I realized it was 8:49 PM, which was really close to the closing time of my hotel. I drove off as much as I could possibly can.

I turned my radio on to hear only static and faint musical notes, which were horribly quiet. I thought about what could've been happening, but just ignored it until a red light came on. I quickly turned on my radio once more to notice that it was saying something that I couldn't make out clearly. It was saying, "Do.....n-n.....t Di..e..." But it could've been my imagination to think it was saying something. Plus, my car was old, even older than my grandfather.

I parked in the hotel's driveway, anxious to sleep. I closed my door with great strength, too lazy to even care about the hinges. Once I got to my door, my lights came on inside. I wondered if it was the manager, but to my surprise nobody was there. I quickly opened my door and looked around. To my surprise, I found a letter on my rug, with red letters saying, "IMPORTANT!"

I immediately thought that I was in trouble and that I would've been kicked out! But to my demise, I opened it. After I read it, which was only for advertisement, I heard my lights flicker. Immediately I thought to myself, "What the hell's happening today?"

Right afterwards, I heard a scream. It was as if someone right in front of me was being killed, but I couldn't see it. Right after, the lights went out. I couldn't see a thing; not even my phone could make out a thing. I ran into some furniture, but I finally found a candle. Lighting it up with a lighter in my pocket, I saw writing on my walls. Covered in a mixture of black goop and a liquid I couldn't make out, it was saying "Leave, now!" I immediately thought someone was playing a prank on me, until I heard a loud crash coming in my bedroom!

Running towards my room, I tripped over the rug to skid right into my door. I saw that it was ajar, with scratches on the front and on the hinges. I walked in with the most quiet footsteps I could make. I looked around with the candle, nothing was there. Once I turned around, The door shut in front of me, and I heard laughing. Not just any laughter, it was demonic. It sounded as if the demon was crying, but it was mostly laughing. I tried to open it, but there was a force that wouldn't make it budge! The laughter was getting louder, and closer to me. I cried, hoping to let this be a dream! I pinched, smacked, and even punched my arm to see if I could awaken, but there was no luck.

The laughter felt as if it was right in front of me, but I couldn't see it. I was screaming, kicking the door and the walls. Once that was over, I froze. The laughter stopped, and everything felt normal. I still couldn't open the door, but I was glad that it was over. Once I got up, I heard something. It was as if someone, or something, was talking to me. I looked into the mirror, the rugburn I got was terrible. It looked like it spelled out something, but it wasn't necessary. Suddenly, the mirror shattered into pieces and spelled out on the floor, "Dead."

I thought it was over, but it wouldn't stop. Everything broke in my room! The door, the windows, everything. I ran as fast as I could to the front door, but the handle was missing! I couldn't get out, and there was screaming coming from the walls. The black goop ran down the walls and was coming towards me! I tried to jump out of the window, but it was covered in icky goop. I was crying, blood coming from my eyes. I never felt as scared as I could ever be. The goop, it was coming towards me! It wanted my soul, my blood, every part of me! I just closed my eyes, dreaming of the afterlife. Before it would take me, the lights went out once more. I opened my eyes to see a woman with a little girl. They were smiling at me, waving towards me. The woman finally said to me,

"I hope you enjoy it. You'll finally feel our pain. OUR PAIN!!"

I was immediately rushed by them, with their demonic mouths screaming! I tried to fight back, but to only feel the goop running up my legs, towards my mouth. I couldn't scream or say a word at all! It went towards my eyes and my forehead. All I could've seen before the goop was near my eyes was the little girl, laughing and crying. She couldn't do a thing, but only watch. Just like me.

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