It started off as a normal day for Charles Anderson, starting with his body's circadian rhythm waking him up around six in the morning as usual. Charles lives alone in a small apartment in Atlanta with two cats; a tuxedo and munchkin cat. Charles works at a typical big corporation, he is stuck in a cubicle most days of the week from nine in the morning until five in the evening. Half of the time he is told to stay late to work on some pointless-feeling new project, he feels that nearly all of these new "projects" are just busy work his boss gives him to see him struggle. Today is not a normal day for Charles though, his body has woken him up at the usual time but instead of preparing for a grueling day of work, Charles will finally have time off for a vacation. He wanted to go to Hawaii but he only had three of his requested vacation days approved, so he didn't want to waste a trip to Hawaii. Charles has lived in Georgia all thirty two years of his life but he hasn't ever made the trip to Savannah.

Upon waking up Charles poured a bowl of cereal, it's some organic crap he picked up from the store a few weeks ago. His tuxedo cat jumped up onto the table trying to get some of his cereal, Charles laughed. "You wouldn't want any of this 'all natural' garbage." he said. He finished the final spoonful of his cereal, then he placed the bowl in the sink to clean at a later time. He headed to the bathroom where he took a quick shower, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. Charles got dressed and put a few t-shirts and a couple pairs of jeans and boxers into a duffel bag for the short trip. Charles said goodbye to his cats and called his neighbor to remind him to feed them while he was away. The cats have multiple large bowls of dry food throughout the house, so they honestly could go without canned food for a couple of days, but he knew that they would whine at him if they weren't given the royal treatment that they were so accustomed too. Charles checked his bags making sure he had everything and then headed out the front door. The drive to Savannah took about seven hours including a lunch break and a stop or two to refill his old Honda with gas. He had finally reached Savannah after a trip that felt like a lifetime, "Thank God I can finally get out of this car" he mumbled to himself as he parked into the parking lot of a moderately busy hotel. Getting out of his car he saw a billboard with a picture of a woman smiling with text that said "Welcome to Hotvannah, Atlanta's got nothing on us" he chuckled to himself "You got that right, honey" he said under his breath. He grabbed his bag from the passenger's seat and headed into the hotel.

When Charles entered the hotel he checked in with the man at the front desk "Good afternoon, welcome to Savannah. I'm Derrick, will you be staying with us this evening?" the man said, sliding the sign in sheet towards Charles.

"Why yes I am, that's a pretty funny billboard out by the hotel," Charles said as he finished filling out his check in information.

"What billboard?" Derrick asked puzzled.

"You know, the one that says 'We put the Hot in Savannah' or something like that," Charles told the man.

The man's face went blank. "Sir, I think you are mistaken. There hasn't been a billboard in that area since the last one fell onto a hospital." Charles' mouth dropped open, the man laughed, "I'm just messing with you, yeah it's a great sign. Anyways, your room is number fifty three on the right." The man laughed as he handed Charles his room key. Charles took the key and began walking quickly to his room, weirded out by the man at the front desk. "Oh, and Mr. Anderson?" called the man at the desk, Charles turned around. "We have some renovation going on down stairs, so don't go down there for a few days."

"Gotcha," replied Charles as he opened the door into his room.

Once Charles opened the door to his hotel room a cold gust of wind came out, taking his breath away. He walked into the cold room, wondering why the room felt so much colder than the outside, the air conditioner wasn't on and it appeared to actually be broken too, and the windows were shut. He shrugged this off, he had a long drive and just wanted to relax for a little bit. Charles placed his bag down next to the bed as he usually does and sat onto the bedding. When he sat down he heard a loud crackling sound he jumped up and turned to the bed, feeling a little creeped out he slowly pulled the bed sheets off the bed, revealing something that made his jaw drop open once more. Under the bed sheets were a few half empty bags of potato chips covered in ants, Charles had had enough, he grabbed his back threw it over his should and went to the front desk, this time a young lady was at the front desk.

"Is everything alright, sir?" asked the lady, she noticed that Charles looked upset.

"No it is not, there are half eaten snacks under the bed sheets in my room with ants all over the bed! Could I please speak with Derrick about this?" Charles replied.

"I am very sorry to inconvenience you but I am the only one working at this time, however I could get you a new-" she said before being interrupted by Charles.

"Could you call Derrick? He gave me this room, and it is a horrible room!" Charles was feeling very irritated, he was ready to leave the hotel.

"Sir, we don't have anyone named Derrick that works here. I am the only one that works here tonight, when did you check in?" said the lady at the desk, clearly confused.

"I'm sorry for getting angry at you, miss but I am in a bad mood. I came in about fifteen minutes ago and talked with a man at this desk who said his name was Derrick and then I signed myself in on the paper," said Charles calming down.

"Sir we don't use a sign in paper to check people in, and I do not remember checking you in with the records, would you like to do that now?"

Charles began to get angry again. "No, I know that I signed in! I wrote down my information on a slip of paper and I gave him the money for the night, that was all of the cash I had in my wallet!" he said. He took a few deep breaths. "It's okay, nevermind I have extra money I'll just pay with my card," he said as he took his wallet out. As Charles opened his wallet he noticed the cash that he gave Derrick was still in his wallet.

"I'm sorry sir, but we don't take credit card at this time, the machine is broken," said that lady at the front desk.

"It's... it's alright..." Charles said quietly as he took the money out of his wallet, he handed it to her. "I guess I had more money in my wallet," Charles said, he felt very confused he knew that he had given Derrick all of his money and saw Derrick put it in the register but somehow he still had the money in his wallet.

He gave the lady at the desk his name and information and she got him checked in. She smiled at him. "I am glad we could get this issue sorted out, sir," she said. "Your room is room number thirty two downstairs," she continued, Charles' eyes got wide. "Are you okay, sir?" asked the lady at the front desk.

"Aren't you guys doing maintenance or something downstairs?" Charles asked beginning to feel as if he were on a hidden camera prank show.

"No sir, you are allowed down there," she replied.

"Were you doing maintenance recently?" Charles asked.

"No sir, that last time we did maintenance downstairs was two years ago." The hair on the back of Charles' neck stood up, he knew that he talked to Derrick who told him that he wasn't allowed to go downstairs due to maintenance. The lady at the front desk glanced down at the key still laying on the counter in front of Charles. "Sir, your key," she said to him pointing down at it, Charles slowly picked up the key and looked her in the eyes.

"Thank you very much," he said as he forced himself to smile even though he felt scared.

"You are very welcome, enjoy your stay at Hotel 1850," she said to him smiling politely, Charles made his way to the elevator. He looked around and didn't see a stairwell.

"Excuse me? Where are the stairs going down stairs?" Charles asked.

"We only have an elevator downstairs, but don't worry there is an emergency door incase of a fire down there," she said. Charles pressed the down arrow on the elevator sighing, Charles is claustrophobic. The elevator door opened up and he got on it, he doesn't mind taking the elevator but he prefers the stairs.

The elevator ride was short it was only about fifteen seconds if that, until it arrived at the bottom floor and the doors opened. Once Charles stepped out of the elevator the doors shut slowly behind him. He felt an eerie sensation come over his body as he stood downstairs looking down the hall before him with the emergency exit all the way at the end of the hallway, with the exit sign flickering on and off. He noticed a few cob webs in the corners of the hallway, it appeared as if no one had been down here for years. "No maintenance? It looks like it could use some," Charles said to himself under his breath. He shrugged this feeling off and went to his room, unlocking the door and opening it. When Charles walked into his room it was perfect; the sheets were perfectly made up, the air conditioning system was working, and it certainly looked a whole lot better than his first room. A smile broke across his face with a feeling of relief, finally he had gotten his situation settled down. It was about seven p.m. and Charles realized that he hadn't had dinner yet. He placed his bag down by his bed and locked up the door heading to the elevator. He pressed the button on the elevator but it seemed to be broken, he stood there for about a minute until the doors finally opened. He rolled his eyes and got onto the elevator there were two little girls standing on the elevator with blonde hair. He road the elevator looking at them, they wouldn't look at him they just kept staring straight ahead. Once he got to the top floor he started heading for the front door when he was stopped by the lady at the front desk.

"Are you enjoying your room, Mr. Anderson?" the lady behind the desk said.

"Yes, it is great... but the elevator takes a while to go downstairs," Charles replied.

"Oh yes, it does that sometimes," she said, still smiling at him.

Charles laughed a little. "Oh yeah, and there are these two creepy blonde girls that just hang out in the elevator, they look like the inverted version of those twins from The Shining," he said.

The lady at the desk's eyes got wide and for the first time that Charles had seen, her smile disappeared. "Oh you see them too?" she said in a monotone voice.

"Yes... why?" replied Charles concerned.

"We had two blonde girls that died at this hotel that used to like to ride the elevator," the lady at the desk said. Charles' heart started racing and he began to sweat, he was at a loss of words and felt terrified. Then the lady at the desk smiled again, "I'm just kidding, they checked in with their mother a few hours ago. We don't have any theme parks in Savannah so I suppose our elevator is the closest thing to a ride we have here!" she said laughing.

Charles' heart began to beat at a normal pace again "You guys sure like to scare your guests don't you?" said Charles still kind of nervous feeling.

"Well it is close to Halloween and you know Savannah is the most haunted city in the southeast!" said the lady. She continued, "In fact there is a nice sports bar that offers phenomenal hot wings for dinner, they take card there AND they also have a special half price ghost tour of Savannah at 9 o'clock".

Charles smiled at her "I love wings, i'll consider the ghost tour but I may just come back here and hit the hay after dinner," he said as he left the hotel.

Charles was walking to his car when he noticed the big light up sign for the sports bar that the lady at the desk was telling him about. It appeared to be pretty close to him, no more than a few blocks. He decided that he would just walk to the bar instead of driving there, it has been a few days since he went for a walk anyways. After a few minutes of walking Charles was only about a football field's length away from the restaurant. He glanced to the right and saw Derrick the man from earlier who was behind the front desk at his hotel, he was across the street from him. Derrick was standing there on the sidewalk smiling at Charles, he was still wearing the hotel's staff t-shirt and his khaki pants. "Hi Charles! How do you like Hotel 1850?" Derrick asked him from across the street, Charles began to once again have a weird feeling, it was as if something was trying to tell him to keep walking. Charles didn't want to be rude though so he smiled at Derrick and waved.

"It's... nice" he said, feeling uncomfortable with Derrick staring and smile at him, never seeming to break eye contact.

"Great! Did you know that there's a ghost tour that the sports bar right there is hosting?" asked Derrick. Charles was beginning to feel like the hotel staff were getting paid extra money every time they would mention the sports bar.

"Yes I have, but I'm a little tired so I don't think I'll be doing it tonight, maybe tomorrow night," Charles said as he approached the door, Derrick called out to him.

"Don't waste your money on such a thing," called Derrick, his voice sounding less cheerful that it did before. Derrick turned back around to look at Derrick who was no longer smiling, "You don't have to go on a tour to see ghosts around here," continued Derrick no longer smiling. Charles smiled a polite smile at Derrick who once again broke into his cheerful self, "I'll see you soon, Charles!" Derrick said. The eerie feeling that Charles had inside of him just grew even more after Derrick said that. He shrugged it off and headed into the bar, he turned back to say goodbye to Derrick, but Derrick was gone. "Fast runner" Derrick said to himself, in the back of his mind he doubted that Derrick ran off, he didn't even hear anything that sounded like running. Charles tried to block that thought out of his mind and he went inside of the sports bar.

Charles sat down at the booth in the corner, a waiter approached him. "Hello sir, welcome to Hotvannah's wings bar and grill. What would you like to drink?" the waiter asked him.

"I'll just have a water with lemon and i'm ready to order. I will take the medium wings with ranch and celery," Charles replied.

"Alright that should be ready in just about ten minutes, I'll bring your water right out for you," said the waiter as he headed off to the back of the restaurant. Glancing around Charles noticed that he was the only customer in here. There was no one managing the bar either, he started to wonder if the restaurant even had any good tasting wings here. The waiter brought him his water with lemon and headed back to the back. Charles opened up the straw, slid it into the cup and took a sip. He glanced out of the window on his right and saw Derrick once again in the spot where he last saw him on the sidewalk, staring blankly ahead of himself smiling.

"Creepy guy." Charles mumbled to himself, Derrick suddenly turned towards the window that Charles was looking out of, Charles froze. Derrick started waving at Charles again, Charles felt a little scared by this and waved at him not smiling.

The waiter brought Charles his plate and looked at him strangely, "Waving at the owls?" the waiter asked smiling.

"No, I was waving at that guy on the sidewalk," said Charles pointing out of the window while looking at the waiter. The waiter glanced out of the window, then looked at Charles.

"Enjoy your meal," he said as he turned and went back to the back of the restaurant once again. The waiter seemed startled, Charles wondered why as he looked out of the window again, Derrick was gone once again. He quickly ate his wings, got the check from the waiter and added five dollars to the order for the waiter's tip. "Have a nice night," the waiter said as Charles left the restaurant.

"You do the same," said Charles as the door closed behind him.

Charles got back to his hotel at 8:30 still thinking about what Derrick told him about the ghosts. He smiled at the lady behind the desk as he passed her trying to avoid any small talk with her, what she said last time really creeped him out. He pressed the elevator button and the door opened immediately. "I wonder why the elevator opens quickly upstairs but slowly downstairs," he thought to himself as he got onto it. This time there was an old man on the elevator whose eyes were grey as if he were blind. The elevator arrived at the bottom floor and the doors opened up, Charles glanced back at the old man as he got off the elevator. The old man was standing still on it, Charles continued approaching his room no longer looking at the old man.

"I'll see you soon," murmured the old man, Charles turned looked back at the elevator but this time there was no one on it. Charles began to feel terrified, the old man could not have gotten off of the elevator without him noticing, it was a straight shot from the elevator to the end of the hall. Charles quickly opened his door and went in closing it behind him as fast as he could. He leaned up against the door from the inside of his room breathing heavily, when he turned around he saw that his room was a mess. The air conditioning system was laying on the floor broken, his bed was unmade and the curtains covering the windows were gone. Charles was too afraid to go back to the elevator so he got in his bed trying to convince himself that he must have done all of that without remembering it. After about ten minutes he finally fell asleep.

Charles awoke suddenly while laying on his side he looked at the clock on the table next to the bed. The clock read 3:33 A.M., it was the witching hour, normally this wouldn't phase Charles but knowing all of the unexplained instances that happened to him last night this started making him nervous. "In a few hours it'll be light outside and i'll only have two more nights left in this town" Charles thought to himself. A slight pain started inside of his chest, he felt as if a snake was wrapped around him tightening itself around his chest making it harder to breathe. Charles tried to stay calm in this situation, maybe he just woke up while his body was in sleep paralysis that happens to people sometimes. He rolled over onto his back, "I guess this isn't sleep paralysis," he thought to himself. Then something caught his eye, he focused his gaze to the corner of the room and saw a tall black figure standing there. The only thing that Charles could make out from seeing this figure were the eyes on it's unrecognizable face, it's eyes were large and yellow and were intently staring at him. The fear inside of him turned into terror, he wanted to ask what it was but he was afraid of what the answer would be so he just stared back. The figured turned to the door which was wide open and slowly started walking towards it no longer staring at Charles. Charles knew that he locked the door when he closed it before going to sleep, he was frozen in fear watching this thing leave. Once it got to the edge of the door it stopped and turned back to him, staring at him for a moment before turning to the left and continuing down the hallway away from the elevator.

Although Charles was scared he also had a curiosity about what was causing these unexplainable things to happen to him. He rolled out of bed and stepped into his slippers by the side of his bed, then he slowly stood up and began to head for the door. Once Charles walked out he turned to the left facing the direction the strange figure went, he didn't see it. He began walking down the hallway, there were only four other bedrooms on this hallway which were all closed. All of these rooms had cobwebs on the door handles suggesting that he was the only person staying on this floor. There was room to the right of the emergency exit without a door, Charles walked into it and felt for the light, he felt a switch and he flipped it up. A dim light turned on, lighting the room which appeared to be an old music or comedy club. There was a stage with a large mirror behind it and on the front of the stage was a microphone stand with a microphone on the top of it. There was a row of seats along the back wall, Charles looked around the room and saw that the black figure he saw just a few minutes ago was no where to be seen in the room. He was about to leave the room when he felt the urge to go up onto the stage, he did stand up comedy as a hobby for a couple of years in college so he wanted to practice some new material. Charles stepped up onto the stage the floor was creaking loudly, the wood beneath his feet felt weak and the wood on the stage as if it had been built a hundred years ago. He approached the mic stand and took the microphone off of it, clearing away the cobwebs that were there. He held the microphone up to his mouth, it was dead and it has probably been dead for years. He started saying a few jokes into the dead microphone quietly to himself pretending like he was on stage at the iconic Improv theatre in New York.

He turned around facing the mirror, staring at himself as he pretended to be delivering his unpolished set to an invisible crowd who wasn't there. The microphone slipped out of his hand and fell to the stage, Charles bent down to pick it up. As Charles glanced up he saw Derrick sitting in the corner seat all the way on the right side of the wall. His eyes got wide and he stood up, staring at Derrick in the mirror. Derrick wasn't smiling this time, he was just intently staring at Charles like the figure in his room was. "I told you not to come down here," said Derrick in a serious tone, Charles was frozen.

He began to stutter. "Y-y-y-you said there was maintenance down here... the l-l-lady at the front sent me down here," said Charles fearfully.

"There was maintenance, Charles," said Derrick, still staring at him through the mirror. "The maintenance in this room that killed me," Derrick said, he smiled at Charles but this time his smile didn't seem cheerful, it seemed dark and twisted. Charles turned around to face Derrick, but Derrick was gone once again. What Derrick said to him earlier made since now, he didn't have to go on the tour to see the ghosts in this town. "Derrick! I know you're still in here! Tell me what happened! How did you die?" Charles said loudly, Derrick didn't appear but he heard a whisper in his ear "gas leak". Charles looked over his shoulder, but nothing was there. He jumped off the stage and ran out of the door and opened the emergency exit.

The alarm was broken and the door stopped opening after a few inches, something heavy was blocking the door. "Of course," Charles fearfully said to himself, he shut the door and ran towards the elevator. He pressed the button multiple times, but the elevator wasn't coming fast enough "Come on!" Charles yelled as he continued to rapidly press the button. He felt the hair raise on the back of his neck and without thinking he glance over his shoulder. The black figure was back and it was standing only inches from him, but this time Charles could make out more of the figure's face. He saw a mouth opened with a menacing grin filled with sharp teeth, he could feel it breathing on the back of his neck. The elevator door finally opened and Charles rushing on, the figure didn't join him it just stood up right and stared at Charles. He pressed the top floor button in the elevator staring at the tall black figure. The doors slowly started closing.

"See you soon!" the black figure said as the doors shut. That was the first time Charles heard the black figure speak, it's voice was deep and sounded more like a growl than a human's voice. The elevator started lifting him up towards the top floor, Charles moved to the left but bumped into something with his feet. Charles turn around and looked down at the floor, he saw the old man that was on the elevator with him before laying there with his eyes slightly open. Charles was too terrified to talk, when the door opened he ran off the elevator and the door shut behind him with the old man laying on the floor.

Charles approached the front desk, the lady was still there like she always was. "Mr. Charles shouldn't you be asleep? It's nearly four in the morning," she said, Charles was sweating and breathing heavily.

"There is a dead old man in the elevator!" Charles frantically said as he pointed at the elevator.

The lady at the desk smiled. "Oh you mean Mr. Edmund? Don't worry about him, he's harmless!" she said seeming unphased by what Charles just said.

"Lady, did you just hear what I said? He's laying dead on the elevator floor!" Charles shouted at her, she stopped smiling.

"Mr. Charles I would really appreciate if you wouldn't yell at me, let's take a look in the elevator," she said as she approached the elevator. She pressed the elevator button and the elevator door opened, the old man was gone. She turned back to Charles. "See, it's okay," she said smiling once again. Charles had had enough, he turned to the door and ran out of the hotel. "Mr. Charles? Are you enjoying your stay at Hotel 1850?" the lady behind the desk called behind him, he didn't answer he just kept running. Charles ran out to where he parked but it was gone, he ran up to where it was and noticed a sign painted onto the wall that said "Cars parked here overnight will be towed at the owner's expense". Charles felt helpless, he was without a car and without his bag, he checked his pockets for his wallet and phone but they weren't there.

"Of course they are still in the bag!" Charles said to himself fearfully, the only way Charles was going to get away from this hotel would be if he went back inside to retrieve his stuff.

He began to run as fast as he could up the street away from the hotel, he didn't know where he was running to or where it would take him but he knew he had to get away from the hotel. After about ten minutes of running he arrived at another hotel, the sign said "Free WiFi, check in anytime 24/7" he sighed a sigh of relief and he walked inside of that hotel. When he got inside of it the fear he had felt just a while ago immediately came back to him. The inside of this hotel looked different but the lady standing behind the desk looked exactly the same as the one at Hotel 1850, she turned to him smiling. "Hello Mr. Charles, would you like to stay here tonight?" she said to him, her smile was starting to look like the smile of the black figure. He didn't reply as she continued to stare at him, her eyes were piercing like daggers. Charles felt hopeless, he knew he would have to go back to Hotel 1850 to retrieve his stuff.

"This whole town is freaky," he thought to himself, the lady began talking to him again, as if she just heard his thought.

"You know, you don't have to do the ghost tour to see ghosts around here," she said smiling. His eyes got wide, that is exactly was Derrick said to him on the street. Charles turned and started making his way out of the new hotel, too tired and scared to run. "See you soon!" the lady called after him. He turned around and saw the black figure smiling at him with that same evil smile it gave him outside of the elevator.

Although he was out of breath and tired Charles began to run. He ran as fast as he could, which wasn't very fast at all. "I have to go back and get my stuff, I have to go back and get my stuff, I have to go back and get my stuff," Charles repeated to himself as he ran, each time he said it he sounded more and more terrified. He saw the hotel up in the distance, only about a block or two away, it took him nearly twice the amount of time to get back to Hotel 1850. It must have been about 6 in the morning, fortunately for him the sun would rise soon. As Charles approached Hotel 1850 he saw a few cars parked in front of it, blocking the exit. He noticed a few flashing lights from the car, he saw some red lights flash and then he saw some blue lights flash. It took him a moment to realize that these were police cars parked outside of the hotel. He then noticed an Ambulance behind the police cars. Charles was at the door of the hotel now and he quickly rushed in. When he got inside he saw a lady at the front desk that he had never seen before. The lady appeared to be about twenty or thirty years older than the younger lady that checked him into his room downstairs. Her hair was white and short and she looked terrified, tears were rolling out of her eyes down her cheeks as she talked to the police officers. Charles was confused, he stood there in the lobby watching the lady talking to police but he couldn't hear anything she was saying. In fact, Charles was unable to hear anything the police were saying to her either.

He walked by the police, they were trying to calm the older lady down she was sobbing. Charles approached the elevator and saw that it was marked off with the yellow tape that police use for crime scenes and accidents. He pressed the button, the elevator opened and this time it was completely empty, he stepped onto it. The doors closed and the elevator started lowering him downstairs "They must be here for the old man" Charles sadly said to himself, until a strange feeling came over him. As the elevator reached the basement floor Charles had a strange thought, "Why didn't anybody stop me from ducking under the police tape?" he thought to himself. The doors of the elevator opened, he began walking down the hall. The door to his room was still open, he glanced inside and saw his bag was still laying next to his bed. However, he kind of wanted to see the room with the old stage again. Charles walked past his room down the hallway, and eerie feeling coming back to him as he got closer to the room with the old stage.

When Charles got to the room he walked inside and saw three paramedics huddled around a body trying to resuscitate it. He couldn't hear anything they were saying, one of the paramedics stood up. The paramedic looked distraught, he placed one hand on the shoulder of each of the two paramedics still trying to revive the body laying before them. The two paramedics kneeling by the body on the ground looked up at the paramedic standing up. The standing paramedic shook his head as if telling them that there was nothing else they could do. The other two stood up sadly and bowed their heads. Charles now felt terrified once again, he slowly approached the body laying on the ground and leaned over it looking at the body's face. His world shattered to pieces, Charles was looking at the dead body of himself laying on the ground before him, next to the old stage. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, he placed his fingers over the wrist and felt no pulse. He pressed his fingers over the knee and felt no pulse. He panicked and pressed his fingers over his body's neck..... no pulse. Charles couldn't believe it, but he was dead.

"How?" Is all he could think to say to himself. "Gas leak" he heard once again, he looked up as his eyes got wide and he turned around. Derrick was standing behind him staring into his eyes. "Wh-what?" Charles asked startled, hoping that he wasn't really dead. "You see, eleven years ago in 2003 people who stayed on this bottom floor started complaining of feeling nauseous and have headaches. So after the third separate person complained of this the staff at the hotel began to feel like something was wrong. We put up a do not enter sign by the elevator and told people coming into the hotels not to go downstairs." Derrick said, Charles was staring at him in disbelief. "But... what happened?" asked Charles fearfully.

Derrick sighed. "We had pipes in the walls that ended up getting filled with a toxic and flammable gas. One of those pipes sprung a leak, and it took us a while investigating in this room until we finally found out what the cause of the problem was. By the time we discovered that there even was a gas leak, it was far too late for us. Most of the staff died from being poisoned by inhaling the gas," Derrick said in a sad tone.

"But I saw a black figure, could you see him too?" asked Charles.

"Yes, the people would complain of seeing a black figure with yellow eyes watching them sleep. This was before the gas leak happened. So we ignored it for a while until we had a mother and her two little girls wind up dead in the room next to the one you were staying in."

Charles' unbeating heart dropped when he heard this, "How did they die?" he asked, Derrick shrugged.

"We had no idea, it was a bloody scene and we didn't want to have to close our business so after the police got the body we called in a priest to see if he could help us by blessing the place. But when the priest arrived down stairs, before we even told him about the murders he told us there was an evil presence here that was too great for him to stop. He told us there was nothing he could do, and then he left." Derrick was staring at Charles solemnly. Charles was at a loss for words again, he was dead now. There was only one question that Charles had left to ask.

"What now?"

Credited to Caleblewis94