After driving a good length of time into the night, a businessman from out of state had decided that it would be best to turn in for the night. He looked for the nearest exit with a hotel, and did his best to keep fatigue from grabbing him and tossing him into a much unwelcomed coma behind the wheel.

Once he got off the freeway, he followed his GPS to the hotel, and payed for a single night. He slid his card in and out of the locking mechanism and turned the handle once the light turned green.

"Sir, is everything okay?" The clerk, a kindly, seemingly sheltered man, called after the businessman as he hurried out the door with his suitcase in hand.

Confused, but unsure, the clerk decided to go check on the room to make sure it was in order. He entered, but was welcomed by an odd scent. Puzzled, he first picked up some of the complementary sugar packets which seemed to have been knocked onto the floor, then stepped over a puddle of colorful vomit on the ground. As he neared the bed, the smell became much more powerful, and its origin soon became quite apparent.

Of course he left in such a hurry; nobody wants to sleep in a room with a badly discolored, and superbly bloated corpse which had passed beyond anybody's ability to even identify its race.