Back when I was young, around ten years old, I had an obsession with the paranormal. The act of communicating with someone who had passed was just so fascinating to me. I loved it... Everywhere I went, I would search for ghosts, even an innocent trip to my friend's house turned into me searching a locked room for entities. When I was ten, I experienced a house fire. It wasn't terrible, because most of it was smoke damage. We moved to an apartment for two months while the workers cleaned and repainted things. Ninety percent of our things were tossed. The workers often complained of hearing crying, slamming, and footsteps coming from our house. It's expected: it's an older house. Now, the fire that occurred was nobody's fault because it was caused by a heater malfunction, I don't want anybody thinking that it was arson.

The fire really woke me up to things, as I had previous experience with a fire but seven months before. I refuse to talk about that, but I'm going to say that I had post traumatic stress disorder because of it. The fire that happened at my own house left me with insomnia, paranoia, and several problems revolving around people entering our house. Now, just recently, my mother had told me that about 50 years ago, the top floor of my house was an apartment that experienced a tragic fire. It is not known whether any lives were lost in the fire, but it really makes me wonder whether there will be another fire at my home in about 40 years.

This is just a personal theory, and my first story I ever wrote in this genre. Thank you...