Hillside Manor was built in 1805 by a wealthy couple by the name of Marcus and Elizabeth Belle.

For two years Marcus and Elizabeth lived in the Manor and grew reclusive, rarely leaving the house and rumors of black magic and depravity spread - during this time two extra rooms were formed and a mere day after completion of these rooms both Marcus and Elizabeth died of self-induced poisoning.

Hillside Manor remained empty for five years afterwards until it was bought by a widower by the name of Thomas Bray - much like the tragic Belles he began work almost immediately on a new room and grew reclusive: refusing to reply to letters from friends or family and spending most of his days occupying himself with the care of the Manor.

A year later Thomas Bray threw himself from a top-floor window to his death, authorities that arrived at the scene were puzzled as his body showed signs of struggle and fright - as if he had leapt to his death out of desperation to escape some assailant: a short enquiry followed but was soon abandoned due to lack of witnesses or suspects and the fact that many authorities who entered the house to search for clues grew ill.

For many years following the Thomas Bray case Hillside Manor remained vacant, with new owners mysteriously vanishing after a few months or leaving the house never to return and refusing to talk about what happened inside.

In 1987 Hillside Manor was burnt to the ground by a group of unidentified vigilantes who claimed to be "purging" the community of evil spirits - however the house was "rebuilt" within a year and many of the vigilantes involved in the arson would develop severe cases of fever and be plagued with recurring nightmares that would cause some of them to be put into psychiatric wards.

Since its original founding in 1805 Hillside Manor grew from 5 rooms to 12 - each room having been built by one of the former inhabitants of the home, who would die shortly after their completion.

According to local legend the Manor remains vacant to this day, waiting on a new owner by which to add yet another room to its growing collection..