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I discovered a great and easy way to find out if your home houses one or several spirits. It's easy, really. All you need is a vacuum cleaner and, well, a home. I would recommend that you do this in a room filled in total darkness. Due to this, it's easier to do at night, but you won't have to since the darkness is there just to dull your visual sense to improve your hearing instead.

Enter the dark room and turn on the vacuum cleaner. Pull it back and forward, as it makes the spirits easier to hear. If you don't hear any voices, you know you can sleep safely, knowing that there are no spirits in your home. If you hear whispering or talking, the spirits in your home died a painless natural death. If you hear screaming, the spirits were most likely murdered or tortured by a deadly disease before letting go. Although this is safe, it can cause you nightmares. However... if you hear a silent, almost whispered chanting...

You should pack your bags and leave before you find out why.

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