She breathes her hot breath into my ear, she kisses my neck. She is such an angel, makes me feel like heaven on Earth. My friends left me behind because they said she was cruel, they felt as if she was gonna hurt me. I refuted the idea. It's kinda funny, I found her on this dating app on my phone called, well I think it was called something like HeartFinders. But that didn't matter I just wanted to be close to her.

She filled my dreams every night, and she made them a reality every day. She was so beautiful and quite frankly... sexy. She turned me on by mere touch or kiss, it even felt like she controlled me, but I shook off the feeling. She had dark grey eyes, blonde hair, a light tan, a beautiful body and the voice of an angel. She was so seductive and sometimes she would be like a demon.

There were times when she seemed strange, when I wanted to be with my friends she would be downright evil and yell at me claiming she was always lonely. So we would end up having sex to rid ourselves of the hate and to mainly please her. She would also get violent and hurt me, I brushed it off thinking she was playing rough. But it wasn't playing to me.

She started to become a part of my nightmares. She would torture me in my dreams, her eyes a firey red, her fangs would drive deep into my neck and she would take a little bit of life from me each night and she would grow even more powerful over me.

I grew so weak over time, I coughed up blood, I couldn't eat or sleep. Every night I would hear her, "Oh come on baby, sleep for me. It will end sooner." Her voice would be in my ears and it would feel as if she was next to me. I would look, however, and she wasn't there.

My face grew hollow, I lost forty pounds and my mental state began to fall apart. But I grew used to the pain and I faced her again once more, knowing this would be the day I would die. I would only want to die, if it was because of her.

I felt her embrace once more, and she released her talons and her venom. She smiled at me and her fangs pierced my neck, and the pain filled my body, but I liked the pain. I loved her. She looked into my eyes as my vision began to go into the dark and her red eyes glowed as she said, "Your love was a weakness, my dear." She smiled and I died in her arms as she began to tear me apart and consume me.

Love is an angel and a demon, one way or another it will consume your soul...

Written by KSSNightcore
Content is available under CC BY-SA